Donors of the Week

We all are so inspired and so proud to have such wonderful supporters like Erika and John Deveson who have been helping us further Sustainable Cambodia's mission for quite a while.

During this wonderful holiday season, we want to honor them for their amazing support to our organization. Our work would not be possible without the help of them.

Erika and John
  • Why did you first give to Sustainable Cambodia (SC)?
The reason we joined Sustainable Cambodia was after having a wonderful holiday in Cambodia. We met so many lovely Cambodian people and learnt how they were desperate for some sort of help. After looking on the internet at many sponsorship programs we found SC and liked what we found.

Erika, John and their sponsored student
  • What interests you most about SC's ? Why?
We like SC especially because our donations go to the families either for schooling or home life. The money for schooling enables children with potential to receive extra education and the money for home life helps the family financially to be able to give their children the chance to participate and have an opportunity at a brighter future. We also enjoy being in contact with the children and receiving regular updates. We were amazed to learn about all the wonderful projects SC have for helping the communities and feel happy to be part of this wonderful organization.
  • Why do you continue to give to our organization?
We continue to support SC because we truly believe they are helping some of the poorest people especially children and by doing this they are given a chance to have a better life.
Erika, John and their sponsored student
Why does the cause you are supporting is important to you?
It is very important for us to keep supporting SC, in doing this we know that our sponsor children can improve their lives and then with this advancement will create a flow on and create a higher standard of health and living conditions for their families.
  • What do you tell others about us (how do you describe SC to others)?
We tell all our friends about SC and what a wonderful job they do in providing support for children who have the potential of doing well but otherwise would not have the opportunity. They are interested in learning about the school in Pursat and the dedication of the teachers. They are very interested in all who work there and especially the different projects that SC are involved in.
  • What changes do you believe would improve the situation of Cambodia?
We think education for the children of Cambodia will drastically improve their lives and the situation in Cambodia.
  • How does your philanthropy reflect your values?
We sponsor three beautiful children and know that they are getting the best education that Sustainable Cambodia has to offer and that they now have the prospect to achieve a better future.
  • How do you feel when you make a gift?
We are very pleased to be able to give these remarkable young people the opportunity with better education to have hope for their future.

Erika, John, their sponsored student and the family
  • What makes you hopeful and happy?
We are happy seeing how our children progress, we love receiving letters from them, we are very hopeful that with hard work they will continue onto university and if so we will be delighted to continue to help support them.

Like Erika and John Deveson, you can also make a huge difference in the lives of many Cambodian students and village families. No matter how much you can give, you are going to help build the brighter future of all Cambodians.

Start making an impact now!


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