Let's Meet Our Little Girls with Book Donation

Last year Katy (aged 7) and Ava (aged 7) from the UK, generously donated a selection of their books from home for our libraries at Sustainable Cambodia. When the new books arrived our students were so happy, they excitedly turned the pages admiring the beautiful illustrations and proudly attempted to read out loud and practice their English; there were many stories and characters they had not come across before!

Many of our students use the library every day and often borrow books to read at home. The books we have received over the years have provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to read fun stories, expand their knowledge, increase their understanding and develop their vocabulary. Having access to such a wide range of literature means they are learning so much more in addition to state school and aspire to go on to study at university.

One of our students CHANN Sreynuch said "I am so happy to have access to the library where I can read lots of books when I study at Sustainable Cambodia. I really enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction and I like to take books home to read. I would like to say thank you to Katy and Ava for sharing their books with my school friends and I, we have learned so much from them”.

Sustainable Cambodia’s librarians and teaching staff do a wonderful job in ensuring all books in the library are well loved and looked after. They are organised in to categories and reading levels to help students find books that are suitable for their reading ability, making their reading experience more enjoyable.

We have library rules similar to your local library at home; students must wash their hands before entering the library to avoid books getting dirty, when loaning books students have to sign them out and return them within a week and they must make sure they are returned in the same condition. Having these rules in place means that the book donations we receive will be accessible for all students and future generations!


Like Katy and Ava, you can also make a huge difference in the lives of many Cambodian students and village families. No matter how much you can give, you are going to help build the brighter future of all Cambodians.


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