Youthlinc Services Built a Sustainable Community You Can Be Proud Of

We are grateful to Youthlinc International Service for the model, and for the possibility to replicate their model at Sustainable Cambodia. This year, the Youthlinc team worked in Oroka village with its villagers and the help of SC's staff. Along with all the projects they finished, they also built deep relationships that will last a lifetime. 

The team successfully finished the project, they also visited Angkor War, which regarded one of the most treasured religious sites all over the world. Plus, the Cultural Exchange Committee worked on the following to augment their powerful cultural experience such as:
  •  Opening and closing ceremonies in which the team sung two songs "Lean On Me" and "We Are Going To be Friend" and officially cut ribbon which they authorized the students to use.

  • Participated in cultural conversation and home visits, where team members visited the homes of Cambodian villagers to learn more about how families survived the Khmer Rouge and their daily lives and their favorite things. 
  • Joined in multiple sport games as well as a hike to a waterfall, floating villages with Sustainable Cambodian staff.
  • The team donated 35 bikes to give to students who were excelling academically and they lives pretty far from a school about a half an hour of cycling.
  • Put on a fun-fair for the last day in the school with the following stations: photo booth (complete with mobile printer capability with villagers' families), bubbles, bracelet making, jumping rope, volleyball and ropes-pulling.
  • Painted an incredible mural inside the library as well as murals on the four of Rain Rooftop Harvesting systems with the two new and the two old.

The team executed amazing English Camps, where every student taught lessons to the students in the village. The children were so excited to learn from team members every day. Also, the team of Vocational Committee did a fantastic job this year. They taught women and young girls in the village how to sew and provided some fabric for schools to use to make the students' uniforms, and clothes.

The team had meaningful construction projects to work on. They worked very hard in order to accomplish the project in Oroka School completely. They built a library, did some fence repairing from the entire school grounds, leveled and improved the dirt filling for primary and secondary school campus, painted a mural in the library, fixed toilets and more. They also built a flag post and painting, built and planted a beautiful flower in the school garden, put concrete cement outsider around library ground and installed a flag post and two RRHs (Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting) along with two bio-sand filtration systems, thus providing clean water to the two schools.

Others things they worked on was basic health care training and conduct in the classrooms. Simple things such as avoiding to get burn, growing leafy green vegetables, sleeping in a mosquito net, and washing hands improves can help improve the lives of the children in Cambodia dramatically. Education and continual reminders about the importance of these tasks, coupled with some donated supplies, made a great difference. The team provide 10 cows to villager families this year and worked with 10 families who were recipients and 10 future recipients of cows.

A family receives a couple of breeding animals and pass on the offspring to the next family who will repeat this procedure. The cow pass on program, while having many quantifiable outputs, is more concerned with outcomes, such as capacity building within Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and the community at large, as well as building social capital within the community. Sustainable Cambodia teaches lessons on taking care of cows, basic business principles, and how to work together as community to ensure that cows can be passed on to others in community, thus benefiting a community for years to come. 

“The best moments were working in the village with all the Cambodians. They are loving, kind, and hardworking. They taught me so much. I have never learned so much in two weeks as I did on this trip”. Jack, Youthlinc member.

Thanks, Youthlinc, for choosing SC again to empower our staff and students. We have learned a lot! We are looking forward to your next working project in Pursat province.


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