Meet our Partner: East-West Center

We are so proud to have such a wonderful partnership with East-West Center who have been helping Sustainable Cambodia's on its mission for quite a while.

East-West Center Fellows 
East-West Center promotes better relations and understanding among the people of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific through cooperative study, research, and dialogue. The Center serves as a resource for information and analysis on critical issues of common concern, bringing people together to exchange views, build expertise, and develop policy options. The Center is an independent, public, non-profit organization with funding from the U.S. government, and additional support provided by private agencies, individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments in the region.

At Sustainable Cambodia we welcomed six East-West Center Fellows last month, who conducted training courses for SC's students and staff

Here is a brief summary of the sessions we had: 

"Making a Future Workshop": SC's students participated on this workshop focused on conceptual teaching methods of: spatial reasoning, storytelling, brainstorming, discussion-based, active learning, and creativity. As part of the sessions, students brainstormed their top 10 community issues with resulted in issues such as: healthcare, clean water, access to technology, getting to and from school, learning foreign languages, underdeveloped roadways, extreme weather, litter and air pollution, urban migration and jobs at home.

Students brainstorming together
"Photography Workshop": All SC's Project Managers participated in the workshop focused on how to take better photographs, how to use the different functions of a camera, and different photography techniques such as "the rule of thirds". This was really helpful as Project Managers need to take photos and include them in the reports to our different donors and sponsors.

Photography practice  
"Marketing workshop": Marianne Dutkiewicz and Zelda Keller provided Marketing and Social Media recommendations to our Marketing team, in order to improve the online presence and engagement of Sustainable Cambodia. Topics covered in the workshop included blog creation, social media, newsletter creation, fundraising, and a 10 day Kickstarter campaign.   

"Enquirer based Learning Workshop": Youth Club students enjoyed participating in this workshop based on a new technique for problem-solving. By asking different questions, students learnt the importance of inquiry-based learning. After the East West Center Fellows introduced the topic, they asked students to brainstorm ideas and students spent over an hour putting their ideas on paper. The exercise engaged students, made them use spatial reasoning, and allowed them to demonstrate their language skills and artistic abilities.
Students presented their posters
Students and staff had a great time at the different workshops. Even the younger students learnt a lot and were interested in the activities.

Marianne with some of the younger students
At the end of the workshop, Fellow trainer Nina introduced everyone to a Hawaiian tradition: the Kokui Nut Lei. Nina explained that the "Lei" (a traditional Hawaiian necklace) is given on special occasions, such as ceremonies and school graduations. They are also given to create friendship and stronger relationships between people. A lovely way to summarize their engagement with the students.


We had some exciting days with the East-West Center Fellows, and students were very happy about the new concepts they learnt and were excited to put all into practice. SC's staff members that participated in the different training, were grateful for all the new things they learnt too.

EWC Fellows, students and staff 

Thanks, East-West Center, for choosing SC again to empower our staff and students. We have learned a lot! We are looking forward to your next visit to Pursat.


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