Teachers Change Lives!

40 years ago the Education system in Cambodia was destroyed. Today, the country continues a slow process of recovery following decades of war and the most brutal and devastating episode in their history – the Khmer Rouge regime. Cambodians are rebuilding their economy and hoping to thrive once again. The children of Cambodia now have access to Government funded schools, however state school teachers often teach only half of the curriculum in class and the other half is done through private tuition.

Many students cannot afford these private classes so they don't receive the quality education they need and deserve. Sustainable Cambodia provides free education to Cambodian children to supplement what the state school offers. These classes ensures that students receive an education that they can benefit from. Last Month we did a #TeachersChangeLives campaign to honor our staff by raising money to improve the quality of our Education Programs. With the great help from our supporters, we exceeded our goal and raised more than $16,000!  The funds will be used for training, mentoring, and offering fair salaries to our teachers, who in turn will contribute greatly to the education of 1,500 Sustainable Cambodia students.

English Teacher, Som Chanra
 "The use of visual aids in a learning environment helps the teacher to become more effective in their teaching methods and also, teachers should be provided with training on helpful materials, strategies or styles for use in the classroom," Som Chanra SC English Teacher.

English Student, Sok Sereyrachna
"My Motivation to learn English, Khmer, Math and Computer was to gain more knowledge. In these subjects so that I would have a better opportunity to find work when I graduate." Sok Sereyrachna SC student.


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