Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Hearts Project

Hearts Project
With the great help from our supporters, donors and friends, thousands of village families and students have changed their lives for the better. The greatest news is, that just last month, SC welcomed a group of students come from Singapore that made a huge difference in remote rural areas in Cambodia. Their project is called ‘Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Hearts Project 2015’!
NTU Students and SC Teacher
Through Hearts Project 2015, NTU students spread love and kindness to children in Pursat (Cambodia). Hearts Project 2015 is a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) under the National Youth Council (NYC). In December 2015, a team of 18 undergraduate university students who hailed from Singapore, embarked on their exiting journey to Pursat. Hearts Project 2015 is in its 6th year running and works hand-in-hand with their partnered non-profit organization, Sustainable Cambodia, in the hope of enhancing the lives of people living in remote rural areas, particularly children. SC believes in Caring and Sharing through acts of kindness and that is why they were happy to welcome the team who hand-crafted lots of love and generosity while they were on their visit.  SC is able to be involved in all of these meaningful projects only because of the continuous support from the World’s Best Fans like you! The NTU undergraduates immersed themselves in a number of activities with approximately 1000 children from all three SC schools.
Kim the team leader of NTU on the left

The projects included an education and community development program, covering areas such as teaching the kids about hygiene and sanitation and also giving English, Science and computer classes. They also gave guidance to students on how to research scholarships for both Cambodian and overseer’s universities. Some of the community development activities included, planting vegetables, playing sports, litter management, installing fences for the chicken cages and home visits to the children’s families. The traditional food exchange experience was also enjoyed by both the students and the kids from SC. 
NTU Students with SC Teachers and Students
Some of the culinary delights on the menu for the contingent from Singapore were the cultural dishes of Cambodia and the children also had an opportunity to taste some foods that the undergraduates brought from their home city. It was really heartwarming to see the children delighting in the immense contribution that this team made for the duration of their visit to Pursat.


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