Donors of the Week

With the great help from our supporters, we are able to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, enrichment schools, and university scholarships. None of this would happen without supporters. And during this holiday season, we want to honor the people we are most thankful for... all our supporters. 

Meet Peter and Judy, two of our amazing supporters that have been part of Sustainable Cambodia family for a long time.

Peter, Judy, their sponsored student and our school principal Sopheap

Why did you first give to Sustainable Cambodia (SC)?

We were looking for a charitable project which provided the opportunity to help community have safe fresh water so we helped with the water tanks this led us to the schools that had a direct involvement in the education of children.

What interests you most about SC's ? Why?

The involvement of the Rotary Club organisation gave us comfort that projects would be completed and our donations would be well spent.

Why do you continue to give to our organization?

Following our visit to Pursat we were very pleased with what SC had achieved and the success of the children. Children are very keen to learn.

Why does the cause you are supporting is important to you?

The only way to improve the standard of living of the people is through better education of the children. The children of today will be the adults of the future and will provide the skills to improve the quality of life.

What do you tell others about us (how do you describe SC to others)?

We tell people that SC is a proven organisation that has a direct involvement with its projects with low operating costs. SC is educating children to improve their standard of living and their community

It is an Organisation where philanthropist can have a direct involvement.

How does your philanthropy reflect your values?

Our values in life is to do what we can to help others while conducting our selves in a honest manner to all people.

How do you feel when you make a gift?

It is what we can afford so our small donation needs to be carefully allocated to the right source. We feel satisfied that we have helped in a small way to improve the standard of living of Cambodians.

What makes you hopeful and happy?

To see that the children have  a strong desire to learn to improve their own circumstances and be happy to help each other.

The great news is that you can also make a great change in the lives of many Cambodian families just like Peter and Judy. How? You can start making an impact now by supporting our Teachers.


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