September Inspiration - Success story for our Preschools

Begoña ready to deliver toys to our preschools
This month we would like to share a success story from the field. Begoña Iturregui was one of our on-site volunteers in Pursat for 7 months. During her time with us, she participated in different projects, mainly related to education. Her main focus was teaching English and conducting science workshops in the SLMS school in Pursat town. Students loved her workshops and had a lot of fun doing experiments. However, it was during her visits to different preschools that she realized that small children were having some urgent needs.

Children at one of our preschools
Thanks to research we now know that the first six years of a child's life are key for the development of the human brain. But to be able to reach it's full capacity, the brain needs to be nurtured from an early age. Unfortunately, parents in Cambodia struggle to provide their children with this much needed education before they start attending school so children lack of cognitive stimulus. That is why Sustainable Cambodia supports a number of community preschools in the Pursat province, which give support to children under six years of age. Preschools' budgets are really tight so they run very short on educational materials and toys needed to develop motor skills, language skills, counting skills and spatial awareness.

Begoña providing toys to the children
Investing in young ages, even before primary education is reached, in decent nutrition, in well-being, in a safe environment and in the cognitive development of young children is absolutely crucial, as consequences can last throughout the entire subsequent life of the child.
First look into the new toys
Begoña wanted to do something to change this so she created a campaign to raise money to provide our four Pursat preschools with these much needed toys and educational materials. In one month she raised enough money to buy toys for the four preschools in the Pursat district. Way to go Begoña!

Everyone enjoying the new toys
The work does not end here though. There are still a lot of other SC preschools in the province who need help. On the other hand toys break and need to be replaced. So we continuously need to provide each preschool with new materials. So if you want to make a difference in the lives of many young Cambodian children, you can join Begoña. Her campaign is still running and she is only $200 away from reaching her goal. You can make a donation and learn more about this campaign here: Fundraising Page

We are extremely grateful for having supporters like Begoña and all the people that contributed with her campaign!


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