A brighter future for students in Kravanh district

One of the main problems with students dropping-out of school is poverty. In the surrounding areas of Phnum Kravanh district, one of Sustainable Cambodia's more remote locations, poverty is widespread and many families cannot afford to buy school supplies for their children, provide transportation for children that live far away from the school, or afford supplementary classes if the child needs it.

To help those rural students to stay in school and developed, in 2008 Sustainable Cambodia, with the helped of the TRIVANI Foundation, opened "The Kravanh Bright Future Center" (KBFC). This was the first expansion of SC Education Program beyond the Sylvia Lasky Memorial School in Pursat Town. 

A class at KBFC
KBFC is an after school education center where students receive free supplementary classes, school supplies, study materials, and bicycles so they can attend classes. 

Students with their school supplies
In 2008, KBFC started with 2 teachers and 85 students, but with the help of our sponsors and supporters, now it has 6 full-time teachers, 6 part-time teachers, and 300 students.

KBFC students and educators
We have many success stories from KBFC students, like the one from Sina Namleng and Lor Sinhchhinh, two outstanding students who won 5-years scholarships to study at the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) in Singapore. They are the example that with effort and dedication a brighter future in education is possible.

Namleng (left) and Sinhchhinh (right)
Since its beginning, 46 KBFC students graduated from high school and pursued their dreams of higher education through Sustainable Cambodia's university scholarship program, and 36 of them came back to Kravanh to help to empower and develop their own communities. 

KBFC students who attended university
The success of KBFC has inspired not only students, but also the entire community to understand that education is the key for a better future.

At SC we continually empower students and communities to improve their lives and you can be part of the process. Learn more about us and how we do this on our website.


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