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Our teachers brainstorming new ideas for our students
Helping our students to reach their potential is at the heart of our Education Programs. But to achieve this, we need to ensure that our teachers are effective. It is critical for teachers to receive support to continually develop their own teaching skills and have the opportunity to learn from other teachers as well.

While students were enjoying their school break, teachers and school principals came together to share their challenges and experiences on the classroom. During a period of two weeks, we organized daily sessions for teachers to share ideas, lessons learned and to think about how they can engage students in the classroom.

Our teacher, 
With coaching and interactive sessions, we discussed a variety of topics: new teaching methodologies, ways to use technology to teach, how to track education achievements from teachers.

Sokvorn sharing his experience with the teachers
Mr. Sokvorn Chhim, who has been managing one of our schools for the last couple of years, said: "I liked the workshop very much because everybody participated to share and ask for idea properly. In particular, the new English teachers learned the method and had English teaching practicum. Moreover, we learned how to teach the students with the real life materials, shared how to teach in the library, and teach without textbooks."

Sopheap (left) and our teachers practicing new educational games

Sopheap, our SLMS's principal, expressed his feeling that: "The workshop was really wonderful, I myself feel really proud of all my teachers because they are the great human resources who can help to lead our education program to run smoothly. I hardly believe that most of them really have a lot of good ideas to share in the team. I hope after wonderful workshop our teachers will have much more confidence of teaching methodology and the students will be very happy to learn and improve their English. Our Education Program will be very interesting to all SC staff, volunteers, students and the village families." 

For the next couple of months, the Education team will be using all the data collected in the workshop to improve our curriculum, to ensure that we are giving teachers and students the resources they need to develop and grow.

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