More than 80 young Students are now First Aid Experts

Steph Kemp and the students during the workshop
During the first week of August, whilst on official school vacation, 80 students aged between 6 and 11 came into school to participate in first aid classes.

Steph illustrating first aid techniques to our students
The workshop was conducted by British first aid trainer and registered nurse, Steph Kemp, who is currently travelling through Cambodia. Steph, who made a stop at the Sylvia Lasky campus on Monday stated that "first aid is the first response to an accident, the actions taken in this time are vital and can often mean the difference between a treatable injury and long-term suffering."

“Accidents can happen to anyone, children are not immune to injuries, nor can we be certain that they may never be faced with a situation that demands their help. Teaching first aid skills equips them with the skills to be able to react in the event of an injury.”

Kids learning how bandaging works
Students were taught how to clean cuts and the importance of a sterile area. Following the theory section of the training students were given the opportunity to practice bandaging arms and legs and to correctly fit a sling for a broken arm. Later on students were posed with the situation of an unconscious volunteer who needed to be placed into the recovery position, ready for help to be found. Through this exercise students were taught to check for danger of injuring themselves, the response of the unconscious person and whether they were breathing, before placing them safely in the recovery position and calling for help.

Students putting into practise what they learned

Steph remarked: "I was astounded at how quickly the children picked up the techniques, these situations can be confusing and not to mention high pressure, but the kids watched the demonstration once and then they could repeat it flawlessly!"

Many of the students left the session inspired stating that they wish to be a doctor or nurse in the future!

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