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This past month, Youthlinc again sent students and mentors to visit our Cambodia projects. Youthlinc is nonprofit organization dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians by offering students and mentors local and international service experiences. Rotary clubs and Rotarians are engaged in helping Youthlinc with this program. This year we had a group of 43 students plus mentors - who came to help with some major projects.

We are grateful for all our supporters around the world, including you, and Youthlinc, and the many Rotarians who are working through Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia to help village families and children. With everyone's help, nearly 400 wells are providing safe water, more than 4,500 students are currently enrolled in our schools, and nearly 25,000 Cambodians have been able to change their lives for the better. None of this would be happening without supporters like you!

This year the Youthlinc team spent 11 days in Cambodia. The projects they focused on at Sustainable Cambodia ranged from education and clean water, to health, road construction, and empowerment in the rural villages.

Each Youthlinc student and each mentor chose activities to participate in during their stay with us. These included installing a clean water well, rooftop rainwater harvesting tanks and water bio-sand filters, constructing and painting a school building, school garden, flag pole, school latrine, reading shelter and the fence, teaching and training (English, sewing, business concepts, health care and more), fixing and making new school desks, and planting vegetables and fruit trees and more...

Youthlinc made a lasting difference in the lives of the families with the projects they completed. The school is now providing education to more than 130 students. The children enjoyed learning. More than 300 village families have benefited from the whole projects, and they have found ways to improve their lives.

Ally: "My time in Cambodia was amazing! The country, but especially the people, stole my heart. Although it was difficult at time being in a large group they truly became my family. My hardest goodbye is one that was captured in a photo. My friend in the village was Stralia, this girl of a common language but this only made our connection stronger. Saying goodbye to her, I held onto the constant hope that maybe one day I will see her again. I love you Sralia! Thank you for teaching me how to love so freely."

Lexi Maggelet
Lexi Maggelet: "Cambodia is filled with the most positive and loving people. I'm so glade I had the change to venture into this country and learn so much. I'm already missing all the beautiful smiling faces like crazy!"

Clair Thomas: Time is a flyin’ (when you’re having fun)! The team put their finishing touches on the projects today! We finished the infamous fence, completed our mural and paintings on the water filters, put the last pile of dirt on the new volleyball court, and concluded our English lessons along with sewing projects. It was a bittersweet moment to see our time here in Cambodia coming to a close with all the sporadic tears and sad faces. Despite the sadness we felt over leaving our friends in Cambodia, the team felt very, very proud of all we accomplished in such a short period of time.

“I never thought I would have so much fun working”.  (That pretty much sums up the day).  Today we began the work portion of our trip, which many would have said they feared the most.  The blistering heat, vicious fire ants, and demanding work seemed daunting to say the least.  However, to the team’s surprise our day was filled with anything but “work”.  Our team reflected on the day of being nothing short of a party.  Endless chitter-chatter, laughs, embarrassing moments, and some work in between started our labor section off on the highest of high notes.  Who would have thought leaving the site would actually be a disappointment? The team was pleasantly surprised and enlightened to see the mutual effort from our side and the Cambodian people’s. Short cuts were learned, hard times were given, and relationships were built on a double-sided bond over getting down and dirty.  The team later reflected on how much they learned and appreciated the insight and cooperation from the S.C. (Sustainable Cambodia) team.


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