Crowd-funding campaign

Sustainable Cambodia now has a CauseVox campaign

After many years of steady growth, the sponsorships and grants that kept SC alive have significantly dropped this past year. As part of a new initiative, our onsite volunteer team has now set up a crowd funding campaign through CauseVox. Now ANYONE can easily create his or her own personal campaign on behalf of SC. 

Crowdfunding is not a new concept – after all, soliciting funds from large groups of people is exactly what nonprofits and political campaigns have done for decades! However, the Internet has dramatically altered the ability of non-profit organizations like Sustainable Cambodia to reach out to its vast network of supporters. Websites like CauseVox provide a unique platform for non-profits to showcase specific projects or causes and accept donations. 

The funding quandary

Right from its inception, Sustainable Cambodia has always been funded by multiple sources. While the individual proportions have varied over time, broadly speaking, SC receives its funding from:

The founders and board of directors
Major grants, including Rotary club grants
Corporate sponsorships, usually for specific projects (such as the KBFC school)
Student sponsors and individual donors
Online donations via the website

Two years ago, SC lost a major sponsor for the Kravanh Bright Futures Center (KBFC school), thus reducing its annual funding by nearly $50,000. In the intervening years, thanks to a few generous sponsors and Rotary grants, SC continued to operate the school at its normal capacity. But over the last 6 months a number of big grants have drawn to an end and the ones that took their place haven’t been sufficiently large enough to offset the shortfall. This imbalance, coupled with the fact that online contributions haven’t grown significantly during the same period, has left SC in a very challenging situation.

The campaign

In response to the funding crisis, a group of volunteers launched an online fundraising campaign through CauseVox. SC’s master campaign page allows supporters to donate directly towards the fund raising goal, while also providing the tools for anyone to set up their own individual campaign pages on behalf of SC. This then allows SC supporters to personalize the message to their friends and colleagues and in-turn, recruit them to the fundraising effort.

The journey so far

Over a dozen individual campaign pages have been launched and nearly $900 raised in online donations over the course of a month. 

Campaigners like Dan Ridley and Kate Bleasdale have pledged to run a half-marathon and have begun training in earnest. 
A number of past SC volunteers have also accepted the torch and begun reaching out to friends and family through both their individual campaigns and via social media. While there is still a long way to go before the goal is reached, the response so far has been very encouraging. 

Everyone’s needed!

The power of a crowd-sourced campaign lies in its ability to make the community its ambassadors. Thus we need EVERYONE’s support to raise awareness for SC’s education and community development efforts. Please consider starting a campaign today! Or alternately, share SC’s campaign page with your friends and family through Facebook or email! We need your support, because every dollar donated is money that will go towards a child’s education!


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