Students & Teachers Smile During WASH Education

Supporters like you, and Rotarians from around the world, are working through Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, enrichment schools, and university scholarships.

In addition to education, we believe that every child has the right to safe water and sanitation. Hygiene education remains a major component of our school programs and the communities within our target areas. This is a story about those communities and children.

Our children at Svay Att, one of our community preschools.
Some of our schools and the rural communities in which we work still lack access to water and sanitation facilities.

You'll read below about hand-washing stations we've just built in some of our schools, and the WASH (Water, sanitation, and hygiene) programs in our schools.

Students and Teachers Smile with their 

WASH Education

Students washing their hands at a hand-washing station
Last month we built hand-washing facilities for the students at Kouk Doung primary school, Veal Mlou primary school, and Wong Meanreth primary school in the TCS School Program. There are 1026 students currently studying in these schools.

These schools are sponsored and supported by TCS & Starquest Expeditions (a private jet expedition travel company) and by The First Days of School Foundation (a US education foundation founded by Rosemary and Harry Wong).

More about WASH Education

Teachers washing their hands at a hand-washing station
WASH education is introduced in schools at the beginning of each class where children learn about hand-washing, how to keep their hands clean even when water is not available, and the importance of keeping their living spaces and school areas clean.

Teachers are trained on how to communicate WASH messages to children and to engage the children in active learning and participation.

Teachers washing their hands at a hand-washing station
To date teachers have reported that "the children live more hygienic lifestyle after one-month class" and make more conscious decisions to keep the classrooms clean. Feedback from parents also highlight that the children practice hand-washing and cleaning at home and many have inspired their siblings to do the same.

Youth Clubs Promote Good Hygiene

Youth club students washing their hands at hand-washing station
The youth club students are taught about hygiene and become WASH ambassadors among to peers, friends, and families.

One of the youth club students said: "We form WASH clubs at school which focus on hygiene promotion and plan to do student-led campaigns including proper hand-washing techniques and frequency and clean up campaigns at school and at home."

Chan Rachna standing at the beginning of the row
Chan Rachna is a 10-year old boy in grade 4 in Kouk Doung primary school.

He said in Khmer "I learn a lot about hygiene and how to wash my hands properly. It is interesting to learn about it and practice it. I always clean my hands after using toilet and before eating food at school and at home. Thank you everyone for providing us a place to wash our hands, and teaching us about hand-washing techniques."

Ms. Proem Keo, a teacher at Kouk Doung primary school
Teacher Proem Keo smiled and shared her feeling about WASH Education with us: "Thank you very much all supporters. I myself have also learned a lot about hygiene and sanitation. My students are happy every time we learn about hand-washing lessons. They love coming to class everyday now."


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