Jorie's 18th Birthday Gift Changes Lives!

This is a note of gratitude to all of you who are improving the quality of children's lives, and helping their families achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency.

We strive to be efficient with funding. We have only native Cambodians for paid staff, and everyone else works as unpaid volunteers. We spend nothing on marketing. All contributed funding goes to the Cambodian projects. But funding the well-drilling, pumps, cisterns, seeds, school buildings, school books, etc. is always a challenge. So we are always thinking, "What can we do about this?"

Well, one of our supporters didn't just "think about it," she came up with a solution! And she took action! Read below about how JORIE MORAN used her 18th birthday celebration to help dozens of children and their families...

Jorie's 18th Birthday Gift Changes Lives!

Jorie Moran recently returned from her work overseas in Vietnam and Cambodia. While in Cambodia, she was moved by the history of this nation and the dire conditions of the villagers who love in the rural communities.

In the lieu of gifts for her upcoming birthday, Jorie created a fundraising page on the website to raise funds for Sustainable Cambodia. She set a goal of $2,000 to help change the lives of Cambodian children and villagers.

Jorie's friends and family have been contributing birthday gifts to the project, some small, others big.

The results of her birthday gift will last for years. Children will have opportunities they might never otherwise have. Families will be empowered, and as part of the pass-on program the families will "give back" to other families in nearby villages. Jorie's birthday gift, from all her loving friends and family, will be at work in Cambodia for years to come.

Jorie, her friends, and the children in Cambodia

In Jorie's own words, after returning from her volunteer work across Cambodia: "This summer I had the opportunity to work overseas in Vietnam and Cambodia. While in Cambodia, we visited the Killing Fields and learned about the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge wanted to erase Cambodia's history completely and therefore created the term "Year Zero." They invaded the city Phnom Penh, and in a matter of three days it was completely empty. Since then, Cambodians have suffered tremendously in trying to rebuild their country. Lack of clean water, education, resources, and economic opportunities have been constant troubles for Cambodians. I had the privilege of working with the Sao Sary Foundation and made and installed water filters for villages with basically nothing. Sustainable Cambodia is a similar group determined to change the future of Cambodia. Please support me in making a donation to those in much more need than myself.  PS-You should Google the Killing Fields!!"

If you would like to create a fundraiser page, email us at, and we'll help you create an fundraiser that will really change lives! Or you can help Jorie reach her goal by visiting and contributing to her campaign.


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