Thanks to the Youthlinc Teams: They made everyone smile!

This past month, Youthlinc again sent students and mentors to visit our Cambodia projects. Youthlinc is nonprofit organization dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians by offering students and mentors local and international service experiences. Rotary clubs and Rotarians are engaged in helping Youthlinc with this program. This year we had two groups of students - 80 students per group, plus mentors - who came to help with some major projects.

We are grateful for all our supporters around the world, including you, and Youthlinc, and the many Rotarians who are working through Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia to help village families and children. With everyone's help, nearly 400 wells are providing safe water, more than 4,500 students are currently enrolled in our schools, and nearly 25,000 Cambodians have been able to change their lives for the better. None of this would be happening without supporters like you!

First Youthlinc Team at SC

1st Youthlinc team of 40 students and mentors and SC staff, a group photo next to the newly built school in Krang Popleak village

Each Youthlinc team spent around 10 days in Cambodia. The projects they focused on at Sustainable Cambodia ranged from clean water and agriculture, to health, education, and empowerment in the rural villages.

2nd Youthlinc team and SC staff Sin Soy

2nd Youthlinc team in the village

Each Youthlinc student and each mentor chose activities to participate in during their stay with us. These included building a rooftop rainwater harvesting tank (RRH), constructing and painting 2 preschools and the fence, teaching (English, sewing, business concepts, health care and more), fixing and making new school desks, and planting vegetables and fruit trees and more...

Providing sewing machines and the skills training Teaching and training

Teaching and training

Building the school concrete and the fence

School construction, planting seeds and painting the water tank

Painting windows at the schools

Providing animals and farming tools

Providing school bikes and uniforms

Books for the school libraries and more

Students standing in front of their new school built by the Youthlinc team in Chherteal Roung community

Youthlinc Teams Make Everyone Smile!

Youthlinc made a lasting difference in the lives of the families with the projects they completed. The children enjoyed learning. Village families found ways to improve their lives. The following are some comments from the Youthlinc team and the community people who have benefited from the Youthlinc projects.

Uncle Em Moul, 73 years old, the community leader of  Chheuteal Rung

Em Moul, the community leader, said in Khmer: "We want to express our deepest thanks for all your great support, friendship and love, encouragement and trust, and above all the great hope and prosperity you have brought to our community.   

"We are so impressed and grateful that you have traveled so far from your homes, spent so much valuable time and money, tireless commitment and strength to help our community.  

We want to tell you that your caring heart and support will stay with us forever. Since you came, we are more hopeful and more united than ever. We've learned to share what we have and to pass on what we know to one another. We know how to work as a team and as a community member. It's a REAL CHANGE to our community."

Aunt Morm Samoeurn with her first sewing class  and our SC staff Ork Siep
Morm Samoeurn said: "When we first got here, we had nothing and we were so hopeless, but we didn't have a choice. We didn't have clean water to drink and use, we didn't have a water well, we didn't have latrines, we didn't have schools for our children, we didn't have anything except the forest around us.   

But since Sustainable Cambodia came to our village, we have clean water wells, water bio-sand filters to make water safe for drinking, latrines, community ponds, pass-on animals, vegetable gardens, micro-loans for business and farming, and more. And now we have more support from the Youthlinc team, we have a school with some school bikes and uniforms for our young children, sewing machines and skills to make money, more animals to raise and pass on, education and knowledge and more.   

I have learned to make clothes with this machine with the Youthlinc students, and I have already made some and sold them. I am sure that I can make money with this skill, and I will pass on this skill to other families in my community. Thank you to the Youthlinc team and to everyone for helping my family and my community."

Our preschool teacher Nhem Sophea, 35 years old, one of the first families in Chheuteal Rung community

Nhem Sophea said: "We are so lucky that our children now have a school to learn. It's the first time for them to attend the preschool here. The Youthlinc team has changed the way we live, the way we grow our children and the way we think and work for our dreams of our own choice. We know we have to give our children a chance for education, and other good things will follow.   

Thank you to Youthlinc team and to everyone for helping our community, and we wish everyone great happiness and success in lives and business."

The following are some comments from the Youthlinc team:

Comments from Team Leader Stephanie:" On behalf of Youthlinc, I want to thank Sustainable Cambodia from the bottom of my heart. Sustainable Cambodia has been a fantastic partner for us, and has always worked diligently to ensure our teams have a positive and life changing service experience.   

Working together with SC, and our friends in the Chheuteal Rung Community was incredible. Together we were able to complete the school house, build a fence surrounding the school, install a garden, build desks for the school, teach sewing, English, and business skills and much more. We are forever grateful for the many friendships made, and treasure our new friends in Cambodia. We will always cherish our memories made in Cambodia, and hope to visit again soon.   

Many of us at Youthlinc are also involved in Rotary. Myself, Judy Zone, Miriam Barth and Dayna Revetti are all members of Millcreek Rotary Club, which has sponsored projects for SC. Recently, we sponsored a water well in Chumony, Cambodia and are happy to hear that the school now has access to clean drinking water year round! Dayna and myself were absolutely delighted to attend a Rotary meeting in Pursat, with Polin, while we were in Cambodia last week. We are happy to have new friends in Rotary, and look forward to working together again!   

Stephanie Chard,  
Youthlinc Team Leader "


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