SC Students visiting Angkor Wat

Thanks to supporters like you and Rotarians from around the world, Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia are able to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, enrichment schools, and university scholarships.

All over the world, children are a powerful force in their communities. When they have opportunities to improve their lives, everyone benefits. Families eat better. They stay healthy. And in the end, entire nations are in a better position to prosper economically.

Our students reading books in the library
Education at SC means engaging our students in a stimulating, creative, and quality learning environment.  One of our most exciting programs provides students from primary schools to high schools a rare opportunity to visit the Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap once a year.

For most of our students, this is the first trip they have taken away from their homes, and this is their first opportunity to visit the cultural and historical heart of their own country of Cambodia.

92 students and 25 teachers went on the study tour this year
This educational field trip is one of annual curricular activities aiming to allow students to learn more about Cambodian culture and civilization during the Angkor era, to give more opportunities to students to be independent in practising their English with foreign tourists, and to strengthen relationships between teachers and students. And the trips also inspire teamwork, improve self-confidence, and encourage potential.

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An Educational Field Trip to the Temples of Angkor Wat

This year, 40 students from SLMS, 20 students from KBFC, 32 students from KSS, and 25 teachers joined the field trip to visit the temples of Angkor Wat.

Students and teachers in front of Angkor Wat
This three-day study tour was a great success. The students had a lot of fun and gained knowledge and experience. They toured several cultural and historical landmarks including the West Baray, Angkor Thom, Baphuon, Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat, Banteay Srey, Kulen Mountain, Preah Khan, Bakheng Mountain, the Cultural Village, and the Night Market.

Students and teachers at the West Baray
Students and teachers at Banteay Srey
The journey by bus started at 6:00 in the morning in order to reach Siem Reap by midnight.

Students and teachers at the Cultural Village
The group first visited Baray, a 17 km2 lake built in the early 11th century. Teachers and chaperones taught the students how to care for their environment and explained the two competing theories of the history of Baray. Some historians argue it was created to irrigate lands during the dry season, while others believe it was  built primarily as a depiction of the Sea of Creation in Hinduism.

Students and teachers at the Kunlen Mountain
Group Discussion Activities
The next day was full of temple trekking. Students explored and learned about the history, achievements, culture, and wonder of the Ancient Khmer Empire. Many students were surprised at the number of "baraang," or foreigners, visiting from all over the world.  The teachers had their work cut out for them, as students showered them with questions relating to each temple and site.

Our students and teachers at the Ta Prohm
Everyone had a fantastic time. When the students returned to  Pursat, they shared their experiences with their fellow classmates, getting others excited for their turn on future trips.

Our students Meak Danick (left) and Huy Ravychivorn (right)
They said in Khmer "Hello, everyone! How are you? We both are very happy because we can come to visit Angkor Wat and other Khmer temples for our first time in our lives. It's a great experience. It's unforgettable! We are not tired to walk all day exploring our temples for the first time. We have learned a lot from our trip. We have a lot of fun. We take a lot of pictures to show our classmates and our families when we go back. We have a lot of stories to share with our class and our families and they will love them, too. Thank you, SC and all supporters for giving us this opportunity to come here." 
Our student Tob Darin and a foreigner at Angkor Wat
Our student Tob Darin expressed her feeling in Khmer: "It's the best trip ever in my life. I have never imagined that I can leave my home this far. It opens my eyes, mind, and soul. I can know how my English is vital. It can help me get a new friend from a different culture, it's fun! I saw Angkor Wat so many times on TV and I hoped one day I would see real Angkor Wat, now I can see it. It's amazing! Thank you for helping make my dream real."


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