Remember discovering computers for the very first time?

Thank you for helping to make a huge difference in the lives of Cambodian children and their families!

This month we installed a new computer lab for our rural students to learn computer skills. For most of them, this is the first time they have ever seen or used a computer!

Students learning to type with SC staff member Sin Soy

Learning with Technology

One of our wonderful supporters is Roland from Neuss, Germany. Roland, with his team at Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. (a non-profit organization), helped raise enough money to provide ten computers to the students in our rural education program. The direct result: Hundreds of students are now able to learn invaluable (and exciting) computer skills!

Students learn with an international volunteer

Our new computer classroom

The computer program lets our students develop valuable research skills at a young age. For the first time, they have access to an abundance of quality information. The skills they learn give them renewed confidence, and help them to realize they are an active part of the broader world.

Our students can now do online research & e-learning

Both students and teachers have access to an expanse of material. They are guided to rich, information-filled, credible websites with a variety of topics. And students learn that there are many opinions in the world, opening them to consider opinions and perspectives.

Pair coaching

Online e-learning is now an equally credible option: Face-to-face interaction is huge, especially in the younger years, but some students work better when they can go at their own pace. Online education is now accredited and has changed the way we view education.

The young man in the middle here is Kinh Sam Rithy. He says, "Hello, everyone! I am student studying in grade 12 in the state school and I am also studying English and computer skills at SC's Kandieng School. I live in Stoeng village. I feel very happy that I can study computer skills here because it is very important for my education and my future. It's my first time! I love it so much! Thank you."

The young woman here is Chariya Orn. She says, "Hello! I am studying in the 12th grade this year, and I am 18 years old. I live in Kandieng village, and I am studying in SC school, too. I feel very happy to study computer skills because it's necessary for me now and in the future. In addition, I can get new knowledge and experience from this first computer class. Thank you, all our supporters."


  1. Recollection of Toyota airbags
    According to Mg Cambodia, the major automotive carmaker in in the world, Toyota, has notified customers up to 2.79 million to bring the vehicles, which have the airbag inflator problems.
    The company said that the affected cars are recognized and informed through their serial numbers. However, some of those vehicles have an insufficient serial numbers which lead to being unchanged of the airbags despite being notified. But now they will service all the affected cars despite their lack of serial numbers as the firm stated: "For vehicles which were inspected and did not receive a replacement inflator, we will re-notify the owners and replace the inflator with a new one,"
    As MG Cambodia reported, the firm stated that for those customers who have not brought their cars yet even though they were informed before will be re-notified.

  2. Preview of S3 Sedan 2015

    Trustworthy Mg Cambodia cited, The new modern car that the audience are prefering to see and get experience with the open air will comes with its price about $33,449 include $ 895 freight and it is more expensive than the base model about $3,300.
    Anyway this model comes with the higher output 2.0 liter gasoline engine. The first place that, this S3 Sedan arrived is in US market.
    It can operate in less than18 second at speed up to 31 mph. This kind of car also offers sport that is adjustable with the road condition. The S3 Sedan also provide more sport- focused for $ 49,950

  3. Hydrogen product makes gasoline cost down

    Leading Mg Cambodia mentioned, The Energy of US has offer $20 million to help the agency to found the basic structure of hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles.
    Indeed the agency is trying very hard to find the stronger way to develop projects with purpose of bringing hydrogen production and it can make the costs is less than $4 per gasoline.
    Most of money was west in many factor, here is the result from the six different production projects. One more thing, if we have $ 7.3 million, it will help to found a new compression systems and intelligent dispensers.


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