Thanks for the New Library - It inspires the children to love reading!

Thank you for helping to make a huge difference in the lives of Cambodian children and their families. All of us together - the families, Rotarians from around the world, Sustainable Cambodia Australia, and our dedicated SC staff and international volunteers - are working to help village families and children improve their quality of life with healthy water, nutritious food, health care, education, and sustainable income generation. With your great support, we can help more than 4500 children from preschool through university to enrich their educations and to succeed in their lives.

Library Comes Alive as a Colorful Resource Center Where Students Learn Together!

For our students, libraries can be a place to learn and grow with a whole world of different subjects and stories, right at their fingertips. Over the years, thousands of kindly donated books on fantastically diverse subjects have been squeezed together onto our library shelves. All our library needed was the vision and experience to transform this special space into a lively resource center. With easier access to books and new interactive activities, our students can grow as independent and group learners. Everyone can be an explorer through the magic of books!

The great news is that volunteer Julie Johnson, recently retired from the University of Florida, was just that person to lead the way. A lifelong educator and literacy trainer, Julie was onsite with SC to lead the Reading ~ Writing Workshops for our teachers.  As soon as Julie saw the huge potential of our library, she and a tireless group of Youth Club members, teachers and volunteers got to work!

Students and their librarian enjoying their new discoveries inside the library

At first, we all thought Julie was nuts pulling all the books off the shelves and running around with her arms filled with books. But you know what, now we just can't believe the transformation that took place. Our students are now eagerly running to the library to read their favorite books and to discover new books that they have never seen before. The students' attendance and their study results are already improving.  It's amazing what books can do.

Sorting books, labeling and adding Khmer translations! 

Youth Club Members Kim Chou and Horm Setha helping to sort the books into groups

Vet Bora carefully writing the Khmer words beside the English words to help readers teach themselves

Books that display the covers "facing out" attract young readers!

Children smile with their new library!


Our librarian Sengkea engages students in reading circles and magnetic Word!

A library is an ocean of knowledge. Both students and teachers benefit highly from the library.

Reading opens up doors to other worlds for students and improves their knowledge and vocabulary.  And reading is a great hobby for students in between their classes.  Sometimes students can get additional materials to support their study and sometimes they get easy methods to help solve their homework.

Julie (center) and our teachers after the training on how to use the library effectively

Now, our once-challenged library is an energized learning oasis. Julie demonstrated the art of sorting and the effective use of brightly colored book bins, each with a specific label in Khmer and English for guidance in the new library layout. With only a few minutes left before it was time to return to Florida, Julie and her helpers completed the shelves of book bins based on the subjects: Real-Life (Social Science, People, Geography), Science (Earth and Space, Animals, the Human Body), Khmer Books, Stories and Folk Tales, Poetry, Word Walls and Alphabet Books, Teacher Resources, Learning Charts, and Resource Books for advanced studies.

Our students and teachers now use our SABAY LIBRARY as a great resource for learning!
In the Khmer language, Sabay means Happy!

More and more students love reading books in the library.

Our library plays an important role in promoting the progress of learning and improves our students' study results and their social skills.

"Hello! My name is Mono. I am a teacher of English at Sustainable Cambodia. I have been working here for two years. I am delighted to see the improvement of our library. Thank you very much to Julie for reorganizing our library into categories so that it is easier for us and the students to find our interesting books."

"Hello, teachers and all! My name is Chroeng Sopheaktra and I am studying in grade 7. I have come to study at SC since 2009. Thank you Julie for making our library more beautiful. I love non-fiction books and I can now find them very easily. My friends and I love coming to read books in the library so much."

"Hello everyone! My name Sengkea and I am a librarian here at SC. I would like to say thank you very much to Julie for making our library an interesting place for our students and teachers. I have noticed that more teachers and students love coming to read books in the library more often, and they can find their favorite books very easily. Other teachers and I have taught our students on how to find and well use their interesting books. Thank you Julie once again for making this library attractive and useful to everyone. I will try to look after this library very well like what Julie suggested us to do."


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