Bikes inspire our students to study hard!

Thank you for helping to make such a huge difference in the lives of the Cambodian children and families whom we help. All of us together help to make this happen - the families, Rotarians from around the world, Sustainable Cambodia Australia, and our dedicated SC staff and international volunteers - all working to help village families and children improve their quality of life, with healthy water, nutritious food, health care, education, and sustainable income generation.

One challenge for many students from poor families in our target areas is that they cannot travel from their distant homes to their local school because of lack of transportation. Their families are unable to afford to buy the children a bicycle so that they can get to school in a timely fashion. The result is often that they miss lessons, subsequently get low marks, and may even drop out of school.

 Students coming to SC school with their new bikes 

With your help, more than 385 wells are providing safe water, more than 4,500 students are currently enrolled in Sustainable Cambodia schools, and hundreds of thousands of Cambodians have been able to change their lives for the better.  None of this would be happening without supporters like you!

Students Can Dream Bigger With Bikes!

Bikes from the Rotary Clubs in 2014

The purpose of the Bike Sponsorship project is to help our children whose homes are in distant villages get to school on time and regularly. With a bicycle, the student is given the opportunity to attend all of their classes, earn good grades, and to graduate high school.

More than 10% of the children from our remote outreach schools - SC and Sustainable Cambodia Australia schools - drop out of school before they graduate. This is often because they are late for their classes or cannot attend their classes due to the lack of transportation. By providing these students with bicycles, we reduce their drop-out rates and help them succeed.

This month 85 students are receiving bikes through the Bike Sponsorship program from the Rotary Club of Sentosa and the Rotary Club of Suntec City through the Rotary Club of Pursat. These children are now able to attend school regularly and get better grades in their classes, both in our education program and in the state schools.

Students are also using their new bicycles to help friends and relatives, by sharing or riding in pairs, so one bike can benefit more than one child.
Last year, 209 Sustainable Cambodia students received bikes through the Bike Sponsorship project. By providing bicycles, we can give the poorest students the same opportunities! Please consider helping us with this important work, by contributing the SC Education Program.

"Hello teachers and everyone! My name is Phum Dine (on right) and I am 12 years old. I am studying in grade 6, and I joined SC in 2013.

I am very happy and thankful to get this new bike. Previously, it was so difficult for me to come to study everyday without my own bike because my parents cannot afford to buy it for me. I had to walk about 40 minutes from home to SC school everyday, and some lucky days I shared a bike with one of my friends. I was often late for class and missed some lesson everyday. Now I am happy to come to study everyday on time. Thank you to all supporters."

(on left) "Hello my name is Sem Rasin and I joined SC when I was in grade 2, now I am studying in grade 6. Thank you very much for giving this bike. I love it so much because it is one of my friends now. It is always with me all the time. With it, I can go to school on time and regularly."

The girl said in Khmer: " Good morning teacher and all! My name is Run Rathana. I joined SC in 2013 and I am now studying in grade 3 of Sthany primary school. Before I got this bike, I walked to school everyday and I was always very tired when I arrived my school so I did not feel well to study. I often got bad study results because I was often late for class and absent a lot. Now I am really happy to come to school and I will try to study hard to get good study results. Thank you everyone for giving me this bike."

To help the children with their education:
Click here to sponsor a child today!


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