Thanks to all YOU do!

Thank you for helping to make such a huge difference in the lives of the Cambodian children and families whose lives we touch together. All of us together help to make this happen - the families, Rotarians from around the world, Sustainable Cambodia Australia, and our dedicated SC staff and international volunteers - all working to help village families and children improve their quality of life, with healthy water, nutritious food, health care, education, and sustainable income generation.

A few of the 4,500 students in our education program! 

With your help, more than 385 wells are providing safe water, more than 4,500 students are currently enrolled in Sustainable Cambodia schools, and hundreds of thousands of Cambodians have been able to change their lives for the better. None of this would be happening without supporters like you!

Children helping the family in the home vegetable garden

And the work continues to spread with everyone's help: We are now expanding our projects to assist another 455 families in Prey O'mal, a new village in Pursat province.

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To help the children with their education:

Expanding to 455 Families in Prey O'mal

With great support from Rotary Clubs internationally, we are expanding our programs to Prey O'mal village.

Prey O'mal is a very poor and remote village which is spread out over a fairly large area. Although called a "village", it actually comprises 11 smaller communities, with a total of 455 families and nearly 2,000 people.

A view of the Prey O'mal village area

Prey O'mal is newly settled, and the villagers are generally living at very low levels of community and economic development. A large majority of residents are subsistence farmers or day-laborers in the surrounding farmlands. A small number also finds employment in the market, but some find they must migrate to Thailand and/or other provinces in Cambodia to supplement their income while farming their own parcels of land.

Families during the needs assessment meeting

Based on the initial needs assessment, conducted with the Rotary Club of Pursat, the project will include water bio-sand filters, wells, rain water harvesting tanks, latrines, community ponds, road repairing, animal raising,  home gardening, crop loans/business loans, and sanitation and hygiene training. 

Last month, we distributed 50 water bio-sand filters together with 50 blue water containers to 50 families in Prey O'mal. 

Villagers and SC staff during the distribution of the BSFs

The following are some people who have received the water bio-sand filters from us.  They want to tell YOU about their experience. Of course, they all spoke in Khmer, but we have translated....

Children drinking water from the BSF at home

"Hello, everyone! We are very happy that now we can have clean water to drink every day. We are happy that we can go to study on time because we don't need to boil water for drinking before going to school as we used to do. Thank you so much for giving us this BSF and the opportunity to get good education."

           Mr. Em Khoeurn and his family 

"Hello everyone, my name is Em Khoeurn and I am 45 years old this year. This my wife and my two sons. We are farmers living in Prey O'mal village. 

"Previously, we spent a lot of our time on boiling water for drinking everyday. And sometimes we drank the unboiled water because we didn't have the time or fuel to boil. From this, we would get sick sometimes, which cost us a lot of money to buy the medicine. Now with the BSF filter, we have clean water to drink and we have more time for our work in the field. And we don't get sick now. So we are healthy. 

Thank you all supporters and all SC staff for helping my family and my community. We wish you all good jobs, success and good health."

 Mr. Chann Sovanna and his wife, Em Ruon

"Hello, how are you? We are very happy because now we have the BSF to help us clean our drinking water everyday. After the training, we are so confident to drink this water. Thank you everyone for supporting my family and our community."

Art from the Children to You 

To help the children with their education:


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