Sewing Towards a Brighter Future

Thanks to supporters like you, and Rotarians from around the world, Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia are able to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, and enrichment schools.

Students and trainer in the sewing class

The Sewing Program, one of our programs, was established in order to offer potential drop-out students an opportunity to learn a vocation to support themselves and their families. The sewing class graduates are not only trained in sewing practices, but also in running a small business. This is accomplished through trainings covering money management, marketing, and fair trade practices. 

Here are some products our students have made...

Trainees are trained to make a variety of souvenirs and clothing such as purses, shoulder bags, scarves, pyjamas, and dress shirts. They learn best practices in creating high quality products that can receive a good price at the market. Graduate sewing students gain valuable skills and have income earning opportunities through self-employment or employment with another small business, as they will have experience with sewing, being involved in a small business, and marketing activities. 

Now we have launced a project on Kickstarter to raise the money to enable our students in the sewing class to invest in their creativity, and innovation. Click here to contribute to the project!

Read below to discover more...
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Sewing Towards a Brighter Future!  

Help Sustainable Cambodia start a fair trade sewing business, and launch our products at an artisanal craft fair in Siem Reap!
Sustainable Cambodia works with vulnerable populations in an effort to offer families and children in need a brighter future. Our attempt to create a fair-trade sewing business is the graduate component and complement to sewing classes that we offer in our schools, and is targeted at young women who have expressed no interest in pursuing further studies upon graduation. The fair-trade sewing business aspires to construct an environment in which these young women are taught tangible skills while they are still in school-in advanced sewing techniques, product design, fair trade guidelines, and business management-so as to enable them to confront their trade head-on, and run their own business or be employed by our own fair trade business, demand permitting, upon graduation.

Our student Sokly said: "Thank you SC and all supporters for providing me a good opportunity to learn sewing skills here after I left school. Now I am so hopeful for my future. I will use this skill to make money to support my family. Now I have more classmates to learn with me here and I am happy to share my knowledge and skills with them." 

Right now, our sewing club is a recreational site on our school campus in Pursat where students come in their free time to learn basic sewing techniques. The club is overseen by supervisors-themselves former Sustainable Cambodia students-who work on campus making school uniforms and small Sustainable Cambodia souvenirs including wallets and shoulder bags. Operating within this very small market, and without the money to invest in material, there is no possibility of expanding the program or to be more experimental in our products and designs-every piece that is not sold operates at a loss.  

Our sewing club members playing around with our new product: the Khmer infinity scarf!

Your contribution will enable us to purchase the material that we need--colourful, traditional Khmer fabrics--to experiment and work towards creating a line of products that reflects a uniquely Khmer interpretation of traditional and modern designs. It will allow us to be bold and experimental in our approaches, and to distinguish ourselves from other fair trade sellers. It will also give us the opportunity to test this new line at an artisanal craft fair in Siem Reap in January, 2014. 

Trainer Malai said: "We are very busy preparing and making more products for the artisanal craft fair in Siem Reap in January, 2014. We hope we can showcase and sell our products to more people at the event. It is our first time to participate in this kind of event. Thank you all supporters for supporting us on this project."
Below you'll find pictures of some of the new products that we're testing and hoping to launch--make sure you check out our pledge and reward structure to see how you might get your hands on the first prototypes!

The Violet Khmer infinity scarf! 

The Bordeaux Khmer Infinity Scarf!

The Mustard Khmer Infinity Scarf! 

 ... Surprise!

Click here to help Sustainable Cambodia start a fair trade sewing business, and launch our products at an artisanal craft fair in Siem Reap!


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