A thank-you for this year's school supplies!

SThanks to supporters like you, and Rotarians from around the world, Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia are able to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, and enrichment schools.

Rural Cambodian students face many challenges.  The public schools in Cambodia are free, but students from impoverished families do not receive the same quality of education as those students who can afford to pay for in-depth instruction outside of class, handouts, basic school supplies, uniforms, and bikes.

Our students at the state school

Instruction materials and hand-outs can cost over $1.25 per day, an impossible fee for families who make $2-$3 per day.  Students who cannot afford after-class tutoring and expensive study materials often fail to advance to the next grade level.  This leads students to drop out of school early in their lives, either to help their families at home or to help generate family income.  Without education, they begin their work lives with fewer possibilities for the future.

Students receiving school supplies, 2013-2014

With your support, things have changed for the better.  All children in our education program can get everything they need to succeed in their education, from preschool to university.  Currently, we have more than 4,500 children in our school programs.

Your support for Sustainable Cambodia has made a significant and long lasting difference in the lives of the children, their families, and communities.

Read below to discover more...

Students smile with their school supplies and study materials!   


Students with their school supplies and study materials
Through your support, school supplies, supplemental education, and study materials are free for the students at SC.  Caring and talented teachers provide supplemental education in English and Computers as well as in Math and Khmer Language.  Students benefit from a wonderful library, resource books, a computer lab, field trips, workshops, and special events.  Teachers and international volunteers further expand knowledge in world geography, cultures, art, music, health, and life skills.

 SC Youth Club students with their new clothes

Students smile with their new school supplies

Currently, we have more than 4,500 students in our school programs.  In the section below, you will meet a few of these wonderful students:

"Hello everyone.  My name is Chien Sotheary, and this year I am studying in grade 7 at Teachamrach secondary school.  I'm very happy and so lucky to study at SC with all my friends.  I can get a lot of things from SC.  I can learn and have fun for free.  Every year I get study materials and clothes from SC.  All teachers are good.  They always take care of me and other students.  My teachers often visit my home when I am absent."

Hang Nalaine is 14 years old, and he is in grade 9 at Pursat secondary school....

"Hello, everyone!  How are you?  For me, I am very very happy because today I get my study materials from my teachers and I can meet with all my old and new friends and teachers after the holiday.  I really want to study now.  I want to review and practice my English with my teachers.

Thank you everyone for helping me, my friends, and my family. SC is our home, too.  We live, we learn, we eat, we play and we grow all together here in SC."


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