Rural Graduates Create New Adventures in 2013!

Supporters like you, and Rotarians from around the world, are working through Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, and enrichment schools.

With your support, SC has thrived since it opened in 2003. It has grown from 50 students to over 4500 students in our school programs. Every student who graduates and passes his or her exam receives a SC University Scholarship. More than 145 students have received a SC University Scholarship and our 62 university graduates have returned to the villages to help their communities. We have seen the number of scholarship students steadily increasing over the past several years.

New 2013 SLMS Graduates and Teachers

This year we have 52 students who have graduated high school, passed their exams, and are heading to university.

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Rural Graduates Making New Adventures!  

Teachers, university students, and new graduates during the orientation workshop for the new graduates in 2013

KBFC graduates in 2013

KDSS graduates in 2013

The new graduates want to become productive citizens and leaders within their communities. They dream to become agriculture specialists, teachers, doctors, veterinarians, economists and engineers, and these students will be able to make their dreams come true through SC, its partners, and YOU! They also want to give back to their communities to decrease poverty and increase education and to inspire the future generations of SC scholars who come after them.

SLMS graduates in 2013

A Great Change in Their Lives

Chea Sreyroth & Chea Tom

Chea Sreyroth and Chea Tom are siblings. They have been involved in Sustainable Cambodia since 2006, first with the  community development programs and then with the education programs. There are 5 brothers and 3 sisters in their family.

Their family has been involved with many community development projects. They have received a well, a latrine, and a bio-sand filter from our Clean Water Project. They have also received fruit trees, vegetable seeds, and a buffalo from the Agriculture Project.

The family

Through the education program, they have studied state-school supplementary subjects including English, math, chemistry, physics, Khmer, computer skills, music, and other life skills for free. They have received all the study materials needed to succeed including school bikes.

This year they both passed their grade 12 exam and are heading to the university with an SC scholarship. Chea Tom is going to study Rural Development, and her sister is going to study Electrical Engineering at a local university.

When we talked with them, they told us: "We are very lucky to get involved with SC. We get everything more than we need to LEARN, to GROW, and to SUCCEED in our lives. Thank you very much to all SC staff and its supporters for helping our family and our community. In return, we are committed to studying hard and to help develop our community when we graduate." 


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