A Great Trip to the Temples of Angkor!

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 Students & teachers in this year's field trip to Siem Reap

In this Cambodia Update, we're sharing a story about an educational field trip for our students. Read below to discover more...

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A Great Trip to the Temples of Angkor Wat

 62 students & 18 teachers on the field trip to Siem Reap

Education at SC means engaging students in a stimulating and creative learning environment.  One of our most exciting programs provides students of all ages the opportunity to visit the Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap every year.  For most of our students, this is the first trip they have taken away from Pursat. And this is their first opportunity to visit the cultural heart of Cambodia.

Built for King Suryavarman in the early 12th century, the World Heritage Site is one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia.  Covering over 400 km2, the temple served as the capital for the Khmer Empire for 60 years.

 Students swimming in the West Baray

This summer, 62 students,18 teachers, and 6 international volunteers joined the field trip to visit this national landmark, most for the first time.  These trips provide a rare opportunity for our young Cambodian students, from rural villages, to explore Khmer history.  And the trips also inspire teamwork, improve self-confidence, and encourage potential.

Students and teachers at Angkor Thom

Arriving in Siem Reap after a 3 hour bus ride (a new highway has cut travel time to less than half), the group first visited Baray, a 17 km2 lake built in the early 11th century.  Teachers and chaperones explained to the students how to care for their environment, and explained the two competing theories of the history of Baray, which some historians argue was created to irrigate lands during the dry season, while others believe it was a built primarily as a depiction of the Sea of Creation in Hinduism.

 Teachers and students at Ta Prohm Temple
The next day was full of temple trekking.  Students explored and learned about the history, achievements, culture, and wonder of the Ancient Khmer Empire.  Many students were surprised at the number of "baraang", or foreigners, visiting from all over the world.  The teachers had their work cut out for them, as students showered them with questions relating to each temple and site.

Everyone had a fantastic time.  Back in Pursat, students shared with fellow classmates, comparing experiences with those who have gone on past trips, and getting others excited for their turn on future trips. 

"Hello, everyone!  This is our picture that we took in Angkor Thom.  We are really happy with the trip to Siem Reap.  Because all the teachers and students have an opportunity to learn about the people lifestyle, history, culture, and how to participate in the group.  This is a trip that I will never forget in my whole life.  I learned about the history and culture. I want to say thank you so much!"


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