A Great Change in a Rural Community!

Thank you to our supporters from around the world, including our Rotarian friends from Sustainable Cambodia Australia and Rotarians from all over the globe. Thank you ALL! Everything the village families are doing to improve their quality of life is made possible by YOU. 

With grandchildren in their home garden from SCA

In this Cambodia Update, we're sharing a story about one of the many families who have been touched by your generous support. Read below to discover more...

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Welcome to their new lives! 

 Ouch Phem in his home garden

Grandfather Ouch Phem is a farmer in Ampouch community, Bakan district, Pursat province. He is 76 years old, the same age as his wife, Grandmother Chhen Phan.

Ampouch community is about 80 km from Pursat town. It is difficult to reach because of the poor condition of the road to the village. No one lived in the mountainous region until 2000, when Phem's family and other families moved there to start new lives. The villagers had many challenges, including no access to clean water, no education for their children, and no resources to make a proper living.

Ouch Phem and his wife in their vegetable garden

4 of Phem's great grandchildren are in the SCA Ampouch preschool

Grandfather Phem said: "When we first came to live in this village, it was just forest. There was nothing else, no water source, no school. It was almost impossible for us to live here. We spent long hours looking for water and it took us the whole morning to buy food from the closest market. However, we did not give up. We named this community as Ampouch, the name of a small natural lake that was the only water source we could have during the rainy season."

Ouch Phem with a pig from the SCA pass-on project

Everything has changed in his community since SC partnered with Sustainable Cambodia Australia - a program of Rotary of Western Australia - to extend the SC projects into Apouch in 2009. Through SCA, his community has received wells, latrines and bio-sand filters from our clean water project, pigs, cows, ducks, chickens and fish ponds from our animal pass-on project, vegetable seeds, agricultural tools and training from our home gardening project, and a community preschool with food supplementation for the children.

Ouch Phem and his wife in their vegetable garden

In his interview, Phem said, "We had been waiting for SCA, like family from a foreign country. They are our hope! Our community is now improving a lot. We have clean water, latrines, and other support to make a better living. We are so happy that we can produce enough food for the whole year. We can also earn money from our vegetable gardening, animal raising, and agricultural products to support our daily life. With the community preschool, our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are very hopeful and will have a bright future with education."

Ouch Phem and his family 

He continued, "We would like to express our deepest thanks to Sustainable Cambodia Australia, and Rotary of Australia, and to all of SC for helping our family and everyone in our community. To thank you, we all are doing our best to maintain all the projects you helped us start, and make the best use of them. We want to help others in the community with more wells, community ponds and other support to improve the lives of the community." 


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