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We start every newsletter with a thank-you to our supporters from around the world, including our Rotarian friends from Sustainable Cambodia Australia and Rotarians from all over the globe. Yes, we thank YOU! Because everything the village families are doing to improve their quality of life is made possible by YOU. The clean water, the healthy food grown for the kids, the education and sustainable income program... all made possible by what you do.

A mother and her sons with a biogas digester from SC 

In this Cambodia Update, we're sharing a story about one of the many families who have been touched by your generous support. Read below to discover more...

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Welcome to their new lives!

 Mr. Khun Sy uses the natural fertilizer from his biogas digester in his vegetable garden

Mr. Khun Sy is a farmer in Toulapov village, Svay Att commune, in Pursat province. He and his wife have 3 sons and 2 daughters. They have no access to electricity and the water supply in the village often disappears during the dry season, making it very difficult for the family to make a living.

Mr. Khun and his family always worked very hard during the rainy season to grow enough food to eat throughout the year, but there were many challenges. They spent long hours walking to a water source to get water for drinking, cooking, and other daily uses, and walking to the forest to look for firewood. His family often got sick because the water they did find was contaminated. His oldest son spent much of his time helping with these tasks and had to drop out of school in order to help support his family.

During the long dry season, without access to a water source, the family could not grow any crops.

 Mr. Khun Sy and his wife in his vegetable garden where he uses the natural fertilizer from his biogas digester

Everything has changed since the family began working with Sustainable Cambodia in 2005. With SC's help, Mr. Khun Sy and his family have installed a well, have put in a biosand filter and a latrine, put in a roof-top rainwater harvesting tank, installed a biogas digester, and with a crop loan, vegetable seeds, and agricultural tools they have expanded their agricultural endeavors.

 Mr. Khun Sy's children who are attending SC school

Perhaps most importantly of all, now ALL of his children have been able to attend school, including studying in SC's school. One of his sons graduated from high school recently, and has received a  scholarship from SC to study at the university.

Mr. Khun Sy and his family with the SC bio-gas digester

With the biogas, Mr. Khun's family doesn't have to spend hours looking for firewood like they used to. They also use the natural fertilizer left from the biogas digester for their crops.

 Mr. Khun Sy and his wife at the well

The well which the family helped install benefits 10 neighbouring families in addition to Mr. Khun's family. It provides clean water all year, which allows Mr. Khun's family to grow vegetables even in the dry season.

Ms. Khun Sy's wife with a biosand filter  

During an interview, Mr. Khun said, "Our family's life is now improving a lot. We are so grateful to SC that we can now produce more than enough food to eat for the whole year. We have clean water and biogas to use throughout the year. All my children can have a good education for future jobs. We are so happy with the money we earn from our vegetable gardening, animal raising and agricultural products to support our daily life. We can tell you that we are so healthy now and we're living happily with our family."

Mr. Khun and his wife with the roof-top rain water harvesting tank

He continued, "We would like to give our deepest thanks for helping our family and everyone in our community with so many things - water, materials and other support, and especially knowledge and skills which have helped show us the right directions to sustainably develop our community. Please we want to help give back. We are pleased to do something for others and for our community in return to your support."


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