New Lives from the Gift of a Well!

As we come to the end of 2012, we send our deepest thanks to everyone who made our work in Cambodia possible this year.

Clean water is something that most of us take for granted. So is education. And food for our families.... so many blessings that had been an almost impossible dream for many Cambodian families... until you helped them create a new quality of life.

This is the time of year when charities everywhere ask for a year-end contribution. Of course we do that, too. But we also want to THANK YOU for all you have already done! We send our thanks to our Rotary partners in Sustainable Cambodia Australia, and to our supporters and friends everywhere. You have made an amazing difference in the lives of the families and children!

 (Fun at the water well in Svay Att, an SC village)

In this year-end edition of the Cambodia Update, we're sharing a story about one family in particular who has been touched by your generous help.

Read below to discover more...
To help the children of these families with education:  Click here to sponsor a child today! 

 Welcome to Their New Life! 

(Sorm Kung, a widow in Opreal village) 

Sorm Kung is a widow living with her two daughters and one son in Opreal village, in central Cambodia.

Opreal is located in an area where water is very limited in the dry season, and the only water source for drinking was the river, which would often dry up in the dry season. 

Kung's family found it very difficult to get clean water for their daily lives. Kung and her children had to spend long hours walking to the river, making multiple trips, using the water for cooking, drinking, bathing and washing clothes. This challenge took much of their time, and left the daughters unable to continue in school. And the contaminated river water left the family constantly fighting diseases and intestinal disorders.

 (Kung and her family with fresh water)

Everything has changed since Sustainable Cambodia's projects expanded into their village in 2011. Kong's family helped install a water well, and helped build a biosand fiter. The well benefits 10 neighboring families in addition to Kong's family, and all of them now have great health, and their lives are no longer dominated by the long walks to the river.

 ( Kung's family and her neighbors )

When we talked with Ms. Kung, she said in Khmer: "We are born again now with this well. Great thanks to everyone in SC and its supporters for helping us so far. We hope we can help SC bring more wells to other areas where the clean water is badly needed. We wish all great success to everyone!"  

Thanks to our Supporters!

Many thanks to all of our supporters! 

Special thanks to TC Swartz and Starquest Expeditions, to Barclays, to Rotary and Rotarians throughout the world, to Sustainable Cambodia Australia and to our wonderful child sponsors and University Scholarship Sponsors from all over the world. Without all of you, none of this would be possible!


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