Great Success of 2012 Education Program!

Supporters like you, and Rotarians from around the world, are working through Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, and enrichment schools.

High school graduates from the SC Lasky School 

With all your help, we've been able to extend our education program this year to new communities in Pursat, and to four other provinces, including Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, and Preah Sihanouk. The result? More than 4,500 students in our Cambodian school programs! Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, especially our corporate sponsors Barclays, Synogen, and TCS Travel/Starquest Expeditions, and Sustainable Cambodia Australia, and all our Student Sponsors everywhere!

Map of new SC locations in the four provinces

All students who graduate and pass their exams receive an SC University Scholarship. To date, more than 150 students have received SC University Scholarships, and 40 college graduates have already returned to the villages to help their communities. Thank you to our University Scholarship Sponsors! You make this possible!

In this edition of the SC Update, you'll read about how one family has been touched by the SC Education Program.  We thank you for your help.

Welcome to her New Life!

Ratha Chhoun is a 12th grade student living in Sthanny village with her parents and six siblings. Her parents are farmers.

 Ratha Chhoun 

Before her family joined the SC program, they were unable to provide for themselves no matter how hard they worked. All of Ratha's four elder siblings were forced to drop out of school to help the family earn money. But even then, they couldn't make enough to support themselves. Ratha and her younger sisters used to think about dropping out of school to help their family.

Ratha's family with a well donated by SC

Their lives have changed greatly since their village joined our program in 2006. Through the Animal Pass-On program, her family has received a cow, a pig and chickens, and they have passed on animals to other families. They also built a biosand filter, and the family participated in digging a well near the home. And they built a latrine as part of our Clean Water program. They participated in the microloan program for farming and agriculture, buying vegetable seeds, fruit trees and agricultural tools. Now their family has clean water, nutritious food, access to healthcare and education, and sustainable income generation. 

Because of this, Ratha and her two younger sisters were able to attend school regularly. SC provided them with study materials and the opportunity to attend many classes including English, computers, science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, geography, Khmer (Cambodian) culture, language, and literature classes. 

Ratha receiving a certificate from SC 

 Ratha with the youth club after volunteering in one of the villages

 Ratha and the youth club volunteering their time

Ratha is a very active student.  She gets top grades in her class at both the state school and SC school, and her English is very good.  Ratha is also a member of the youth club. Last year, Ratha was voted VP of the club by its members.

Ratha and the youth club before volunteering  

As a club leader, she has received training in leadership, problem solving, communication, and basic management skills. She shares what she learns with her club members, her friends at school, and everyone in her community.

Ratha and other students who just graduated

And the great news is that Ratha has just graduated from high school. She has earned her scholarship, and will soon be going to university!

In an interview, Ratha said, "I am very grateful to SC. When I came to SC I was a girl who had nothing, but when I attended SC school I've received such great support. Everything that I never dreamed about, and never ever thought of, now I have received it. I've received all the good things which are very important for my life and my future. I received a lot of good knowledge, and I have become a very strong and brave girl. SC teaches me a lot including being a good student."

"My family and I would like to express our greatest thanks and love to everyone for helping our family and everyone in our community, especially with the skills which have helped show us the right directions to continually improve our quality of life. I promise you that I'll try to study hard, be a good student, and get a good degree."

Ratha was just selected to be one of 100 students in the whole country to receive a special scholarship from the Cambodian government, based on her scholarship, leadership and community service.

Ratha's parents said (translated from Khmer), "We know that words cannot describe how grateful we are, but we greatly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunities you have given us."


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