New Graduates heading to University from rural Cambodia!

Supporters like you, and Rotarians from around the world, are working through Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia to help thousands of village children get a quality education through our community preschools, primary schools, and enrichment schools.  

With your support, we have more than 4,000 students in our school programs. All students who graduate and pass their exams receive an SC University Scholarship. More than 105 students have received an SC University Scholarship. Forty college graduates have already returned to the villages to help their communities.The number of scholarship students has been steadily increasing over the past several years.

High school graduates from KBFC

In 2008 we began a new campus, in remote Kravanh district, called Kravanh Bright Future Center (KBFC). This year, 20 students have graduated from KBFC and are embarking on their journey to university!  We are reaching out to our family, friends and the community to ask for sponsors for these outstanding students. All funds raised will go directly towards SC educational fund to assist students with SC scholarships, textbook assistance and resources they need to succeed.

Partnership starts here, Please join our campaign today!  
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Kravanh Bright Future Centre

KBFC Teaching Staff

Found in Phnom Kravanh, in the heart of Pursat Province, the Kravanh Bright Future Center (KBFC) is dedicated to improving the quality of education for vulnerable rural children. The school is supported by a corporate sponsorship from Barclays Bank. KBFC was named by the community it serves, as the students and their families believe that by pursuing education, a child's dreams and future will be brighter!

(Students in the English class)

Kravanh District is so remote and the villages so distant that many students would have to spend four or more hours per day on bicycle to attend school, and would be unable to attend at all during the rainy season. To overcome this, Sustainable Cambodia developed a school dormitory program at KBFC where students can stay and study together during the school week, before traveling home on the weekends to visit their families.

(Students in the KBFC's Dormitory)

KBFC students exemplify what hard work, courage and dedication is all about. Through their perseverance, and with the support of their families, they have all passed the 12th grade state exam and are now pursuing their dreams of higher education at the university level. The students want to become productive citizens and leaders within their community, and plan to use their education to decrease poverty and drop-out rates among high school students, inspiring future generations of KBFC scholars who come after them.

(Students in vegetable garden at the dormitory)

KBFC has been thriving since it opened in 2008. It has grown from 2 teachers and 85 students, to 13 teachers and over 300 students today. Last year, two graduating KBFC students received full scholarships to study in Singapore in United World Colleges South East Asia (UWCSEA). KBFC students have dreamed to be the lawyers, teachers, doctors, veterinarians, economists and engineers, and these students are achieving their dreams and much more through SC, its partners, and YOU!

If you would like to help turn their academic dreams into a reality, please visit our website and donate by selecting Education Support, or via Facebook by selecting donate to make a contribution to these outstanding KBFC scholars.Through Sustainable Cambodia's scholarship program, we are committed to empowering Cambodian youth in achieving higher education while fostering youth leadership and service in their communities.

(KBFC's Youth Club constructing a village road)

Help us make a difference today in these twenty outstanding KBFC scholar lives!

Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place....

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A Great Change in Her life!

(Sreypov on the way home)

Kim Sreypov is an active student whose family is very poor. She lives with 2 brothers, a sister and her parents in Prek Pir Village, one of our target areas. Her family didn't have good employment, and faced a lot of difficulties even though they worked very hard. Her father is a construction worker, but jobs were scarce, and her mother worked in the home. Sreypov's family initially wanted her to drop out of school and help the family earn money because of the poverty. Her family couldn't afford her school supplies and materials, or a bike for traveling, or money for part-time classes.

(Sreypov's family)

Everything has changed since Sreypov got involved in KBFC and her family first benefited from our projects in 2008. Her family has benefited from our Self-Help Group project and other community development projects. They helped to obtain a bio-sand filter, a latrine, pass-on animals, a micro-loan they used for farming and for a small business, and vegetable seeds. The result has been a steady increase in her family's economic well-being.
The great news is that Sreypov could then study English, math, physics, chemistry, Khmer, computer skills and social skills at KBFC. All at no cost to the family. Moreover, she got a bike and school supplies from KBFC allowing her to continue her study at both KBFC and the state school. She continued to study regularly, and her grades continually improved. Sreypov also joined the KBFC Youth Club, and helped teach English to the children in her village during her school vacation. Srepov has been very active in the village, and has even helped her community with building a road.

(Sreypov at work) 

With her hard work, she finally passed the grade 12 exam with good scores. With that result and her knowledge of English and computers, she now has a part-time job with a local mobile phone company that will help support her while she attends University.  

When we interviewed her, she said: "Thank you so much for everything. We've owed you a lot and we are very grateful to SC. SC has changed our lives. Without help from SC, we can't be here today. I am very happy that I could successfully finish my high school and I will be even more pleased if I can study agriculture at the university. I have a dream and that dream will become a reality with your support."


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