Michelle Mullineaux's 40th Birthday Wish for Cambodia!

Thanks to wonderful supporters like you, Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia are improving the quality of children's lives, helping their families achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency through wells, irrigation systems, schools, agricultural training, and empowerment programs.


We strive to be as efficient with funding as possible. We have only native Cambodians for paid staff, and everyone else works as unpaid volunteers. We spend nothing on marketing, and all contributed funding goes directly to the Cambodian village and school projects. But there are still a lot of costs involved, including well-drilling, pumps, cistern lining, water pipes, seeds, school building material, books and school materials, etc. Funding is always a challenge, and is our only real limitation. So we are always thinking, "What can we do about this?"

Well, one of our supporters didn't just "think about it"... She came up with a solution! And she took action! Read below about how Michelle Mullineaux used her birthday celebration to help dozens of children and their families...
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How You Can Make a Difference!

Michelle Mullineaux and Brad Cronk recently returned from a trip across Cambodia. While in Cambodia, they were moved by the dire conditions of the villagers in the rural areas. In Michelle's own words, after returning from an amazing trip across Cambodia, "We were inspired by this crazy idea, to throw together a fundraiser for Sustainable Cambodia so we could give back to the wonderful people we met, who nourished our minds and hearts".

In lieu of gifts for her upcoming birthday, Michelle created a fundraising page on the website www.CrowdRise.com to raise funds for Sustainable Cambodia. She set a goal of $5,000 to purchase a "Village Basket". (The "Village Basket" is one of the SC pass-on gift programs, which includes wells, water filters, rainwater harvesting, training and seeds for vegetable gardens and alternative crops, and the the opportunity to raise honey bees, or start fishponds and raise ducks, or have pigs and cows).

Michelle's friends contributed birthday gifts to the project, some small, others bigger. And by the time her birthday arrived, her efforts were SO successful that they had raised $5,700!

The results of Michelle's birthday gift will last for years. Children will have opportunities they might never otherwise have. Families will be empowered, and as part of the pass-on program the families will "give back" to other families in nearby villages. Michelle's birthday gift, from all her loving friends and family, will be at work in Cambodia for years to come.

If you would like to create a Fundraiser Page, email us at sponsors@sustainablecambodia.org, and we'll help you create an event that will really change lives!

To help the children of these families with education: Click here to sponsor a child today!


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