Big Smiles with UWC's Scholarships!

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to great supporters like you, Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia are improving the quality of children's lives through education. Together, we develop village preschools, primary schools and education outreach projects, and support our University Scholarship Program for students who graduate from these rural schools.

With your support more than 1,900 students are currently studying in our education programs. Thank You! Students in our rural schools have extra motivation to do well because SC/ SCA provides a scholarship to attend Cambodian Universities for every student who graduates and passes the state University entrance exams. In exchange, our scholars are committed to "giving back" through community service.

Additional inspiration and motivation comes from a fantastic program through which the students can compete to participate in a scholarship to an overseas university through the annual United World Colleges (UWC) scholarships.

The UWC scholarships provide the opportunity for students to study in one of the 13 UWC universities spread across the globe. UWC is founded on the concept that education is a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Through a UWC education, our students can gain an international perspective on world issues as they study with students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, pursuing a prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

Every year, our students are given the opportunity to compete for a place in one of the UWC schools. In this month's issue of our newsletter, we are sharing the stories about our past students who received UWC scholarships, and honoring the latest addition to our group of UWC scholars: Sima Nam Leng, who has received a 5-year scholarship to the United World College of South-East Asia (UWCSEA) located in Singapore.

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UWC experiences!

Sokhna Vor, graduated from UWCSEA in 2011 and is currently studying in Earlham College in USA on a full scholarship.

"My two-year experience at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore has a massive impact on my life as a whole, which has fostered me to proliferate and to grow independently. This prosperity was not just from what I learned in school, but from the willingness to learn, to engage in and to ask questions."

Stapor Phoung, graduated from UWCAD (United World College of the Adriatic) in 2010 and currently attends college in Methodist University in USA.

"I am right now majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and minor in sociology. I love the fields of social science, such as history, sociology, politics, geography, and especially, inter-cultural studies. "

Somealea Phoung, graduated from Lester. B Pearson United World College in 2009 and is currently a Junior student in the University of Oklahoma where she is studying International Studies.

"SC is everything behind my success and without Sustainable Cambodia, I cannot go this far. I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this organization. Sustainable Cambodia does not only teach me about academic, but also provide me with strength and compassion toward others. I also realize that having a successful life is not about how smart or rich we are, but how much can we help other to succeed and have a better life."

Sopheaktra Chhim, currently a 2nd year student in UWC-USA (United World College of the United States of America), will graduate in May 2012.

"I learned to become a global person with a wide range of perspectives and a strong base because this international community was a place where it grew adolescents to become the world leaders in the future. In addition, I started to profoundly understand that dreams do not always happen on their own so I had to make them come true, simply put, I became a dream chaser."

Sinh Chhinh Lor, was awarded a 5-year scholarship to UWCSEA, and will graduate in 2014.

"UWCSEA has become an important part of my life. The friendship and kindness of everyone in this school makes me feel warm and protected.

I have been involved in community service, like Tabitha Global Concern, KolkataGlobal, Food from the Heart social service, and Fen Yang Primary School social service, and also a singers' group, rock climbing activities, etc.

Opening eyes, opening minds and opening hearts, I have learned to understand more about other people's feeling and their hard conditions. I have learned to offer help to other people, especially those in need, and take an interest in and enjoy friendships with people of all cultures and backgrounds."

A Change in Her Life!

We are pleased to announce that our student Sima Nam Leng, who attends our KBFC school in Kravanh District, is the proud recipient of the newest 5-year United World College (UWC) scholarship to the United World College of South-East Asia (UWCSEA) in Singapore.

Nam Leng is 14 years old this year and has two sisters.

Nam Leng will begin her school term in the fall of 2012 and will attend the international school for 5 years, thus graduating with an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in May 2017.

Nam Leng applied for this prestigious UWC scholarship hoping to gain an international perspective on world issues from her peers, a diverse group made up of 98 nationalities.

She aspires to help develop Cambodia in the future with her new knowledge and skills. She hopes to work as an ambassador of Cambodia to aid in reducing corruption in Cambodia and to improve the quality of life of Cambodians by reducing environmental pollution in the country.

A girl dedicated to her education, Nam Leng follows a hectic 6-day routine. She begins the day at 5 am by helping her mother with the household chores before heading off to KBFC in the mornings, and then to her state school, Hun Sen Phnom Kravanh High School, in the afternoon, returning home only at 8 pm for dinner.

"I want to tell to the students that if you want to earn a UWC scholarship, you should study hard and learn a lot of general knowledge. Moreover you should not be hopeless, but you have to be confident and believe that you can.

I also want to say thank you to SC very much. SC-KBFC is very beneficial for me and all students. If I didn't have KBFC, I would not have gotten the UWC scholarship. Moreover, SC always helps poor students who don't have opportunities to study, to come back to study, especially KBFC helps me to work hard for my community, which helps a lot of hopeless students to be better and better. KBFC is like a parent."

Nam Leng's success story is one we, at Sustainable Cambodia, take deep pride in and continue to share her joy as she journeys on to a new chapter in her life beyond the shores of Cambodia.


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