Student's Parent Education 2012!

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Thanks to wonderful supporters like you, Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia work side-by-side with thousands of rural villagers in four remote districts of Pursat to help them achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency through wells, irrigation systems, schools, agricultural training, and empowerment programs.One challenge in our remote villages is that many rural parents, who have very little education themselves, are not strong advocates for the academic education of their children. There are many reasons for this. One is lack of understanding about how education is a major tool to empower their children with useful knowledge and life skills. Another is that parents often need for their children to leave school to earn money for their families to survive. For these reasons, their children often drop out of state school by 9th grade and begin their work lives with very few skills and limited education. This limitation entraps them in the cycle of poverty.

Pictured below are children working in the market to supplement their family income.

With your support, Sustainable Cambodia helps to educate village parents on the importance of education for their children. These workshops are helping villagers to understand how staying in school can change their children's futures and employment opportunities.
Through improved literacy, math, science, computer skills and knowledge of Cambodia and their world, they can create success in their work and can become effective problem-solvers in their lives and in their communities.

Now many parents are sending their children back to school.

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New Lives for Return Students!

According to the World Bank report released in 2011: approximately 90% of Cambodian children are enrolled in state primary schools for their basic educations; however, less than 50% of those students advance to 10th grade where the courses provide more substantive knowledge and life skills. Of those students who make it to secondary school, another 10 to 16% drops out before graduating from high school.

To decrease the number of students who are dropping out of school, Sustainable Cambodia has created the Students' Parent Education Project.

So far, this project has been a success as more than 60% of the students who had dropped out of state school have now returned at the urging of their parents.

Pictured below are some of those very students!

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A Change in Her Life!

NOUN Soklin, 15 years old, is an orphan living in Sthanny Village in Svay Art Commune with her aunt's family. She has two brothers.
When we talked with her, she said: "My parents passed away many years ago, but I don't know the year of their death. I only know that my father died by HIV, and then my mother died when she gave the birth of my brother. Because of our poverty, my aunt told me to quit school and to help her do the housework. She thought that education is not important for me."

Soklin continued: "One day, the teachers from SC organized a meeting with all the parents in my village to talk about disadvantages of dropping out of school and advantages of education. My aunt was one of the villagers in that meeting. After, my aunt realized how my education is important and wanted to send me back to school right away. With the support of SC teachers, I can now come back to school regularly in both state school and SC school."

Soklin also corresponds with her School Life Sponsor from Germany and her Home Life Sponsors from the U.S. who send wonderful letters of encouragement and inspiration for this admirable student!
Soklin smiled and said: "I am very happy to come back to school. Thank you teachers for your help. When it's difficult for me to do an exercise, you are always here to help and motivate me. I love studying Khmer, and I hope that I will become a good teacher in the future."


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