Children Smile With Their New Bikes!

Sustainable Cambodia, with the help of supporters like you and Sustainable Cambodia Australia, is improving the quality of children's lives through education and community development. There are more than 1,900 students currently studying in our education programs!

One challenge for many students from poor families in our target areas is that they cannot travel from their distant homes to their local school because of lack of transportation. Their families are unable to afford to buy the children a bicycle so that they can get to school in a timely fashion. The result is often that they miss lessons, subsequently get low marks, and may even drop out of school.

With your support, Sustainable Cambodia can help them now!

Giving A Bike Can Change A Child's Life!

The purpose of the Bike Sponsorship project is to help our children whose homes are in distant villages get to school on time and regularly. With a bicycle, the student is given the opportunity to attend all of their classes, earn good grades, and to graduate high school.

More than 15% of the children from our remote outreach schools - SC and Sustainable Cambodia Australia schools - drop out of school before they graduate. This is often because they are late for their classes or cannot attend their classes due to the lack of transportation. By providing these students with bicycles, we reduce their drop out rates and help them succeed.

88 students are receiving bikes through the Bike Sponsorship program this year. These children are now able to attend school regularly and get better grades in their classes, both in our education program and in the state schools.

Students are also using their new bicycles to help friends and relatives, by sharing or riding in pairs, so one bike can benefit more than one child.

Last year 13 Sustainable Cambodia students received a scholarship to study at University in Cambodia. By providing bicycles, we can give the poorest students the same opportunities! Please consider helping us with this important work, by contributing the SC Education Program.


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