New Life for Children in Kravanh Bright Future Center!

Sustainable Cambodia is able to improve the quality of children's lives through community development and education programs in many villages, in three poor rural districts in central Cambodia.

Poverty is a root cause of students dropping out of school. The Cambodia SES Survey found the literacy rate in rural Cambodian areas was a mere 64%. In the area around Kravanh, one of the remote SC locations, poverty is widespread. Making matters worse, many students live so far away from larger villages that they are unable to get to a traditional school. And with the poverty, their families can't afford the school supplies, supplementary class expense or transportation to help their children continue in school.

Sustainable Cambodia's education project in Kravanh district is called Kravanh Bright Future Center (KBFC). KBFC provides children with school supplies, bikes, supplementary classes, dormitory and other support. With your backing, we are able to help these children get back to school regularly. With your help, we improve the quality of their education. Because of your commitment, they can finish high school successfully.

KBFC Makes a Change in children's lives!

The purpose of the project is to provide children from these poor families with hope, and with the best quality education, helping them to graduate high school and have the chance for higher education.
KBFC currently has 194 students enrolled, all students in grades 7 to 12 from poor families. KBFC helps them with school supplies, bikes, supplementary classes such as Khmer literature, English, Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

KBFC also provides dormitories to the students whose houses are very far from the state school so that they have more access to education in both the state school and KBFC.

Currently, there are 25 students living in the dormitory in KBFC.

KBFC also helps small children in 7 enrichment schools in Bakan and Kravanh districts in Pursat, with 386 students in that program. Those students come to study English everyday with their local teachers.
The project has been very successful. Children are able to study regularly and get good study results in their classes.

From SC's KBFC school projects, we have had 25 students so far who have finished high school successfully and moved on to university on an SC scholarship. And one student even earned an international scholarship to study in Singapore... Imagine growing up in a remote village in Cambodia and doing well enough to earn a scholarship to Singapore! This is an example of what you help make happen through your support.


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