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Youthlinc Services Built a Sustainable Community You Can Be Proud Of

We are grateful toYouthlinc International Servicefor the model, and for the possibility to replicate their model atSustainable Cambodia. This year, the Youthlinc team worked in Oroka village with its villagers and the help of SC's staff. Along with all the projects they finished, they also built deep relationships that will last a lifetime. 

The team successfully finished the project, they also visited Angkor War, which regarded one of the most treasured religious sites all over the world. Plus, the Cultural Exchange Committee worked on the following to augment their powerful cultural experience such as: Opening and closing ceremonies in which the team sung two songs "Lean On Me" and "We Are Going To be Friend" and officially cut ribbon which they authorized the students to use.
Participated in cultural conversation and home visits, where team members visited the homes of Cambodian villagers to learn more about how families survived the Khmer Rouge and their daily…