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How SC is helping Cambodia get access to clean water

One of our highest priorities is to give access to clean water to families living in rural Cambodia because access to a steady source of clean water is a main priority for developing the communities. In many places around the country water is scarce, even more during the dry season. That means that people have to walk many kilometres in order to get some buckets filled with water. This is keeping kids out of school and men and women away from the possibility of earning some money to support their family. But the problem is that the water collected is not safe drinking water... it is dirty water which makes this people sick and kids are the ones who suffer the most.

What is SC doing with the help received by supporters from all over the world? 

First we identify the villages that need more urgent help and we will create a Community Development Committee (CDC). SC staff members organize a community wide meeting to introduce themselves and the water programs they wish to implement. Afterwa…

A day in the life of Rin Ruon

On International Women's Day we want to share with you how is a day in the life of Rin Ruon, a 34 years old woman who lives in a small village in rural Cambodia.

Rin Ruon wakes up very early and goes for a walk. Not a leisure one, but a 3 kilometers walk across the jungle to get water. She will take one or two buckets and fill them with dirty water from the river. She will carry 30 liters of water back home trying not to spill any water on the way. 

Back in her house she has to look after her 4 children while cooking Nom Krouch (Khmer sweets) to sell in the village. She will go again to collect water as she needs it for most of the tasks she will take during the rest of the day. With the water she gets in the morning she will cook rice for breakfast, and use the left over water to wash the dishes and pots and further cleaning. If there is still water left, she will water the plants but usually that is not the case, so she will go out again to collect more water.

She will spend some h…