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Meet with our initiative on TTT project

The Toothbrush Toothpaste and Training Project
The goal of this Toothbrush Toothpaste and Trainingproject (TTT) was to acquire 10,000 soft bristled tooth brushes and 2,000 tubes of fluoridated toothpaste at a total cost of approximately 1,200 USD.  Our data shows that in village preschools less than 30 % of the students have a toothbrush, and of that percentage, the majority of those children brush their teeth only once a day.

The overarching goal of The TTT Project is to improve oral hygiene practices and sugar reduction in diet. The raised money will go towards providing 10000 toothbrushes, 2500 tubes of fluoridated toothpaste and oral health education to children and village families living rural in Pursat. Sustainable Cambodia (SC) is committed to helping change what is accepted as normal oral health and improving the health of our people. Not only does the project provide preschool and school students with oral health tools and education, SC works rural with villages to provide who…