Meet with ours new Donor, Efrei Aides Humanitarians

We were very excited that a group of students from Paris spent their time to visit us on campus and bring 12 computers and educational software to Cambodia. We are very grateful to honor our supporters, who spent their time and their own funds during a short holiday, to make these donations to our students in Sustainable Cambodia. They have helped equip technology to our schools. This is a wonderful step as computers and technology are becoming more and more important in Cambodian society, and students will be able to fulfill many job positions by knowing computer literacy.

Efrei Aides Humanitarians representatives
Efrei Aides Humanitarians (EAH), designed around six core values, the teaching allows to train future engineers in computer multivariate: scientists of all, passionate about new technologies and then makes constant a new look within companies. Indeed, beyond its strategic positioning in computer and digital technology, the school is distinguished in shares allocated to general education (communication, general knowledge, management, languages.....), the development of international exchange partnerships and the culture of entrepreneurship. 

EAH representatives deliver a package of pens to our librarian
Participation in community life is encouraged, as well as Efrei is encouraged academically because it facilitates the integration of six key values promoted by the school: The requirement, daring, agility, creativity, proximity and solidarity. In fact, the associative experience gives the engineer a Efrei own human dimension.

12 new desktops arrived at KBFC 
EAH representatives and SC staff installing new Computers
Meeting with Camille Jaworski , a friend of the Efrei group.

Why did you first contact Sustainable Cambodia (SC)?
A friend of our heard about Sustainable Cambodia and its mission. She told us that SC was great and we should think about helping them.

     What interests you most about SC? And Why?
     That they are helping children to succeed in life through education.

      Why is the cause you are supporting important to you?
Computers are a great way for children to improve themselves and their education. Through those they can open their mind to the world and escape their routine. Technologies are becoming more and more a big deal in the world.

What do you tell others about us (how do you describe SC to others)?
We tell them that SC is a big organization doing a lot of different actions to sustain Cambodian people and not only Education (Recycling, Hygiene Sanitation, clean water, micro loans....)

     What changes do you believe would improve the situation 
     of Cambodia?
All kinds of education starting with the youngest.

     How does your philanthropy reflect your values?
EAH (Efrei Aides Humanitarians) main values are philanthropy along with other values like solidarity, generosity and giving from our hearts.

      How do you feel when you give a gift?
Happy and we enjoy to see that our efforts are not for nothing.
What makes you hopeful and happy?
Seeing the children happy and wanting to learn.

If you are considering supporting our programs in Cambodia, you can visit our website to get more information about Donations.


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