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A Special Message from SC Volunteer Martin Benda

400 Kilometers… 5 Days of Running… 2 Men… 1 Goal! Our Volunteers Are Helping Sustainable Cambodia Raise Awareness and Funds
A Special Message from Sustainable Cambodia Volunteer Martin Benda - Hello Sustainable Cambodia family! Well, after two years, I am back… and planning yet another charity challenge! Some of you may remember that back in 2014 I decided to help Sustainable Cambodia raise awareness and funds by cycling 2000km from Singapore to Bangkok (newsletter download will start by clicking here). It was a great success! We raised funds whereby multiple projects were launched to improve school libraries, build school sheds and help poor families become more self-sufficient. My theme for that run was “Enable The Future Stars of Cambodia”.

My original inspiration for that run came from these powerful statistics: Between 2008 and 2012, pre-primary school participation was only 13.3%, and this percentage is as low as 1.5% in remote areas.Just 1.6% of Cambodia's GDP is spent on educa…