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Donors of the week

You may have seen that this holiday season we are honoring our teachers, because we believe that they have the ability to change the world... one child at a time. We believe that if we invest in teachers we are investing in a brighter future for Cambodia. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we also want to honor the people we are most thankful for... all our supporters. Our work would not be possible without the help of them. We are grateful to have people from all around the world that believe in our work and believe that together we can improve the quality of life of many Cambodian children and families. Geoff and Sue, have been part of Sustainable Cambodia family for a long time and this week we want to share their story with you.

Why did you first give to Sustainable Cambodia (SC)? We were looking for a charity to support that involved assisting children in poorer countries to have a better life. Because of Cambodia’s turbulent history, there were so many orphaned or disadvantaged ch…

Can you imagine a school without teachers?

Teachers can make a real difference to a student's success.
Teachers are one of the biggest influencers in a child's life. Investing in teachers is essential to providing quality education.
Sustainable Cambodia provides free education to Cambodian children to supplement state school. Our supplementary classes ensure that students receive the education they deserve.
Help us to equip our teachers with the resources, training and fair employment conditions necessary to make a lasting difference to the lives of our students, both now and in the future.
When you invest in a Teacher, you are investing in a BRIGHTER FUTURE for many Cambodian children.
The funds will be used for training, mentoring, and offering fair salaries to our teachers, who in turn will provide a positive impact on the lives of 1,500 Sustainable Cambodia students.

How a walk through a Florida neighborhood ended up in Cambodia

In 2000, Susan Mastin and Richard Allen were walking around their neighborhood in Florida. And it was there when they first met Bruce Lasky. The meeting led to friendship, and in 2002 Bruce went on a round-the-world travel adventure. One of the countries he visited was Cambodia. When Bruce arrived in Phnom Penh he met a woman who volunteered to drive him to the rural village where she grew up. That small village was Osdao, in Pursat. Bruce met many of the families from this village and saw first-hand the impoverished quality of life - consequences of the Khmer Rouge regime.
He was so taken by the conditions he found there that he emailed his family and friends asking if they would help him establish a small school. His mother, Sylvia Lasky, was the first to respond, saying she would sponsor a child if he promised her that 100% of the money would go to the school. That promise became one of the founding principles of what would become Sustainable Cambodia, and Bruce became the first vol…