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More than 80 young Students are now First Aid Experts

During the first week of August, whilst on official school vacation, 80 students aged between 6 and 11 came into school to participate in first aid classes.
The workshop was conducted by British first aid trainer and registered nurse, Steph Kemp, who is currently travelling through Cambodia. Steph, who made a stop at the Sylvia Lasky campus on Monday stated that "first aid is the first response to an accident, the actions taken in this time are vital and can often mean the difference between a treatable injury and long-term suffering."
“Accidents can happen to anyone, children are not immune to injuries, nor can we be certain that they may never be faced with a situation that demands their help. Teaching first aid skills equips them with the skills to be able to react in the event of an injury.”
Students were taught how to clean cuts and the importance of a sterile area. Following the theory section of the training students were given the opportunity to practice bandaging arms …

On a mission to Educate

Helping our students to reach their potential is at the heart of our Education Programs. But to achieve this, we need to ensure that our teachers are effective. It is critical for teachers to receive support to continually develop their own teaching skills and have the opportunity to learn from other teachers as well.
While students were enjoying their school break, teachers and school principals came together to share their challenges and experiences on the classroom. During a period of two weeks, we organized daily sessions for teachers to share ideas, lessons learned and to think about how they can engage students in the classroom.
With coaching and interactive sessions, we discussed a variety of topics: new teaching methodologies, ways to use technology to teach, how to track education achievements from teachers.
Mr. Sokvorn Chhim, who has been managing one of our schools for the last couple of years, said: "I liked the workshop very much because everybody participated to share …

Dragonfly Transitions students visit us in Cambodia

For the last five years, different groups of Dragonfly Transitions students come to Cambodia and spend three weeks sightseeing, doing volunteer work and learning about Cambodian culture and its people. This trip provides an unique life-experience to these students.
After some days visiting Phnom Penh and volunteering at the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri Province, they arrived into Pursat. Their first stop was visiting our campus and then going to Kravanh Bright Future Center (KBFC) to meet the students and teachers.

As part of an ongoing initiative to help develop KBFC's students English skills, Dragonfly created an annual “English written contest”. Every year, Dragonfly students will take the winners of the contest (along with some teachers) to visit Angkor Wat. This initiative gives the opportunity for our students to learn and be rewarded for their efforts. With the help of Dragonfly, these kids could travel to one of the top landmarks in the world for the first time, som…