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Bicycling 2000km for Cambodians

We hope you know how grateful we are for your help in improving the quality of children's lives and for helping their families achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency.

We put all our funds into Cambodian projects, and spend nothing on marketing. So it's always a challenge to have enough funding for all the wells, school buildings and teachers that are needed. Which leaves us thinking, "What can we do about this?"

Well, one of our volunteers came up with a solution! Martin Benda rode 2,000 kilometers to support education for the children in rural Cambodia! Read below to discover more...

Our Volunteer Cycled 2000km to Raise Awareness and Funds for Cambodian Students!

From our volunteer Martin Benda: 

I hope you all recall the newsletter from November 2014 where I elaborated on my intention to cycle from Singapore to Bangkok, 2000km, to raise awareness and funds to help Future Stars (children) in Cambodia gain access to education and clean water. If you don't, ple…