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Celebrating all these Connections!

In this Special December Newsletter, we are
Celebrating the Joy of Connections!

Connections between... inspired 6th grade Florida students who raised funds for a well in Cambodia, and their colorful "messages of hope" for the rural children who now drink from that flourishing well in rural Angkrong Village!

Connections between... international Rotarians, supporters, and volunteers and the families they empower through latrines, biosand filters,  rooftop rainwater harvest tanks and biogas energy.

Connections between... sponsors and students through their encouraging stories, letters, drawings, and photos.

Connections between... donors like the Ferrero Family and Pearson Foundation/We Give Books and our students who discover the wonder of learning through a mountain of science books and exciting ipads!

Connections between... new scholars and their dreams.  In 2014 the Cambodian Minister of Education increased the degree of difficulty in the 12th grade state exam for thousands of hi…