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Jorie's 18th Birthday Gift Changes Lives!

This is a note of gratitude to all of you who are improving the quality of children's lives, and helping their families achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency.

We strive to be efficient with funding. We have only native Cambodians for paid staff, and everyone else works as unpaid volunteers. We spend nothing on marketing. All contributed funding goes to the Cambodian projects. But funding the well-drilling, pumps, cisterns, seeds, school buildings, school books, etc. is always a challenge. So we are always thinking, "What can we do about this?"

Well, one of our supporters didn't just "think about it," she came up with a solution! And she took action! Read below about how JORIE MORAN used her 18th birthday celebration to help dozens of children and their families...

Jorie's 18th Birthday Gift Changes Lives!
Jorie Moran recently returned from her work overseas in Vietnam and Cambodia. While in Cambodia, she was moved by the history of this nation and…

Community Ponds Change Lives

Cambodia is a country of stark contrasts. In the rainy season water is abundant, so rural families can farm, grow vegetables, produce an income, and send their children to school.

In the dry season, everything is different; the shallow ponds quickly dry up, and water becomes very difficult to reach. Not only is drinking water scarce, but farming is difficult, and as vegetables disappear so does the ability to earn an income for the family. For many families, this leads to one of the parents leaving for temporary jobs in large towns or even in Thailand. The children at home have to do more housework and chores, and the biggest of those chores is spending several hours each day travelling to collect water. As a result, children often can't go to school regularly. When they miss school, they get low grades and eventually drop out, and the cycle of poverty is recreated….
Your support helps families break the cycle of poverty. We are grateful for all our supporters around the world, inc…