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Best Wishes from Cambodia to You!

As we enter this holiday season, we are grateful for all the support you have given this past year.

Our international operations are 100% volunteer, and any overhead is paid by the founders, so that 100% of your funding goes directly into the Cambodian projects.
Through your generosity, children and families are receiving the gift of empowerment, and are rebuilding their lives. 

You can share and spread joy by sponsoring a student.  Click here to sponsor a child today!
When you give a "pass-on animal", you empower the families, enabling them to help other families by passing on the gift to other families.

Click here to give a village gift today!
Through wells and bio-sand filters, children can lead healthy lives and stay in school. Contributing to a well or water filter is a meaningful holiday gift and can change a life. 

Click here to contribute to Clean Water!
Everyone at Sustainable Cambodia wishes you and your family a joy-filled holiday, and thanks you for all you do to ma…

Thanks to all YOU do!

Thank you for helping to make such a huge difference in the lives of the Cambodian children and families whose lives we touch together. All of us together help to make this happen - the families, Rotarians from around the world, Sustainable Cambodia Australia, and our dedicated SC staff and international volunteers - all working to help village families and children improve their quality of life, with healthy water, nutritious food, health care, education, and sustainable income generation.

A few of the 4,500 students in our education program! 
With your help, more than 385 wells are providing safe water, more than 4,500 students are currently enrolled in Sustainable Cambodia schools, and hundreds of thousands of Cambodians have been able to change their lives for the better. None of this would be happening without supporters like you!

Children helping the family in the home vegetable garden
And the work continues to spread with everyone's help: We are now expanding our projects t…