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A Great Change in a Rural Community!

Thank you to our supporters from around the world, including our Rotarian friends from Sustainable Cambodia Australia and Rotarians from all over the globe. Thank you ALL! Everything the village families are doing to improve their quality of life is made possible by YOU. 

With grandchildren in their home garden from SCA
In this Cambodia Update, we're sharing a story about one of the many families who have been touched by your generous support. Read below to discover more...
To help the children of these families with education:
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Welcome to their new lives!   Ouch Phem in his home garden
Grandfather Ouch Phem is a farmer in Ampouch community, Bakan district, Pursat province. He is 76 years old, the same age as his wife, Grandmother Chhen Phan.

Ampouch community is about 80 km from Pursat town. It is difficult to reach because of the poor condition of the road to the village. No one lived in the mountainous region until 2000, when Phem's famil…