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Michelle Mullineaux's 40th Birthday Wish for Cambodia!

Thanks to wonderful supporters like you, Sustainable Cambodia and Sustainable Cambodia Australia are improving the quality of children's lives, helping their families achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency through wells, irrigation systems, schools, agricultural training, and empowerment programs.

We strive to be as efficient with funding as possible. We have only native Cambodians for paid staff, and everyone else works as unpaid volunteers. We spend nothing on marketing, and all contributed funding goes directly to the Cambodian village and school projects. But there are still a lot of costs involved, including well-drilling, pumps, cistern lining, water pipes, seeds, school building material, books and school materials, etc. Funding is always a challenge, and is our only real limitation. So we are always thinking, "What can we do about this?"

Well, one of our supporters didn't just "think about it"... She came up with a solution! And she took action…